WB Has Given Up On Aquaman 2 Because They Know It’s Bad


The cinematic universe of superheroes has seen its fair share of ups and downs. From the highs of box office successes to the lows of critical failures, the journey has been tumultuous. One such recent development that has sent shockwaves through the industry is the rumour surrounding Warner Bros. and their decision regarding DC Studios’ Aquaman 2.

The whispers in the corridors of Hollywood suggest that Warner Bros. has decided to abandon their upcoming movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, also known as Aquaman 2. But what could be the reason behind such a drastic move?

The DCEU’s Rocky Journey


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Decline of the DCEU

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been on a slow decline, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom seemingly marking its end. The journey has been long and filled with challenges, and it appears that things are not looking up. A recent report has made a bold claim that Warner Bros. Pictures has given up on Aquaman 2 altogether.

Controversies and Reboots

The path to Aquaman 2‘s release has been fraught with obstacles. Amber Heard, one of the co-stars, has been embroiled in controversies that have cast a shadow over the film. Additionally, James Gunn’s decision to reboot the DC franchise and the ongoing strikes in Hollywood have made it challenging to predict the fate of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Warner Bros.’ Hesitation To Put Money Behind Aquaman 2


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Marketing Dilemma

Warner Bros. has been notably slow in advertising the film. This hesitancy raises eyebrows and leads to speculation. Is the studio reluctant to invest heavily in marketing a film they believe is doomed to fail? This wouldn’t be the first time, as we’ve seen a similar scenario play out with The Flash, which, despite significant pre-release hype, failed to make a mark at the box office.

The Underlying Reasons

KC Walsh, a commentator on the situation, has made a bold statement regarding Warner Bros.’ stance on the film. According to Walsh, the studio is well aware that Aquaman 2 is not up to the mark. “Because they know it’s bad,” Walsh claims, suggesting that Warner Bros. foresees a financial loss and is thus refraining from allocating a substantial marketing budget to the film.

Here’s the tweet:

The Future of DC Studios


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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While the rumours surrounding Aquaman 2 are disheartening, they should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, the situation does highlight a potential shift in Warner Bros.’ strategy. With The Flash bombing and a new continuity on the horizon, it seems Warner Bros. Discovery is gearing up for a fresh start. For fans of the DCEU, this may be a sombre moment, but it’s essential to remember that the world of cinema is ever-evolving.

Final Thoughts on Aquaman 2 and WB’s decision to give up on it


Credit: DC Studios

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The rumours surrounding Aquaman 2 and Warner Bros.’ alleged decision to abandon the project are indeed concerning for fans of the DCEU. While the future of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom remains uncertain, one thing is clear: Warner Bros. is looking to the future, ready to focus on the next chapter of their colossal comic book brand. Whether this means the end for Aquaman or the beginning of a new era for DC Studios, only time will tell.

What do you make of this news? Are you at all shocked to hear that Warner Bros. Pictures is giving up on Aquaman 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Cappy

    This does not surprise me if it is true, you loose over half your fan base when you ditch Johnny Depp amid DA rumours but keep the actual abuser AH on the payroll! What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Dior we’re the smart ones they stuck by him & probably trebled their profits! I for one out of thousands will not be watching even if it is released which is sad because I like Jason Momoa

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