Another Season Of Justified Is Being Planned


In the world of television, few characters have been as compelling as the gunslinging marshal Raylan Givens, portrayed by Timothy Olyphant in the FX series Justified. Now, fans of the series have a reason to celebrate. According to co-showrunner Michael Dinner, there’s a distinct possibility that the creative team would be willing to come back for another series. This news comes as the first season of the Justified revival series, Justified: City Primeval, has barely begun.

Justified followed US Marshal Raylan Givens, who returns to his home state of Kentucky and faces off with numerous outlaws throughout the show’s six-season run. The new series, Justified: City Primeval, picks up ten years later and sees Raylan taking on a case in Detroit. Now, it seems that the adventures of Raylan Givens are far from over.

The Journey of Justified


Credit: FX

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A Beloved Character Returns

Timothy Olyphant’s return as Raylan Givens in Justified: City Primeval has been a delight for fans of the original series. The new series leaves behind the colourful characters and the state of Kentucky from the original series and introduces a new locale and cast. Despite these changes, Justified: City Primeval is already proving itself to be a worthy successor, with the debut two episodes receiving critical praise.

A Possible New Season

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, co-showrunner Michael Dinner indicated that there’s a good chance a new season of Justified: City Primeval is on the way. Dinner said, “I do think there’s a third chapter, in success, if the audience comes to this. We’re waiting to see how that happens over the next couple of weeks, and if FX wants to do another chapter, I think that Tim (Olyphant) would want to do it.”

The Cast and Crew of Justified


Credit: FX

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The Creative Team

Justified: City Primeval, like the original show, pulls inspiration from the novels by the late Elmore Leonard. Dave Adron and Michael Dinner serve as co-showrunners, and the cast includes Timothy Olyphant, Boyd Holbrook, Aunjanue Ellis, Adelaide Clemens, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Norbert Leo, Butz, Marin Ireland, Victor Williams, and Olyphant’s daughter Vivian Olyphant as Raylan’s daughter Willa.

The Future of Justified

While the cast and creative team are eager to return for another season, the decision ultimately lies with the studios. Fans of the series are encouraged to tune in to new episodes of the sequel series so FX knows to green light another show.

Where to Watch Justified


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If you’re interested in watching the original Justified series, you can stream it in its entirety on Hulu. Justified: City Primeval airs new episodes on Tuesdays on FX and then makes them available for streaming on Hulu. While it’s not required to watch the original series before Justified: City Primeval, it’s well worth taking the time. City Primeval may be a relatively self-contained story, but it’s enriched by understanding who Raylan is and what he came from before watching.

Final Thoughts on the next season of Justified


Credit: FX

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The potential return of Justified for another season is exciting news for fans of the series and the crime drama genre in general. While there is currently no news on when the new season will be available to stream, the show appears to be in early development. As we eagerly await more updates on this exciting project, one thing is clear: the adventures of Raylan Givens are far from over. So, whether you’re a longtime fan of Justified or a newcomer to the franchise, prepare for a thrilling journey. Another season of Justified is being planned, and it promises to be every bit as gripping, intense, and entertaining as the seasons that preceded it.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching the next season of Justified? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Anonymous

    Would love another season of Justified! Love Raylan! Trying to cozy to City-Primeval but little girl needs to wake up quick!

  2. Shelley Baldwin

    City Primevil was so worth waiting for! A bit deeper on story and less on character depth but it’s only 6 episodes so far. Please leave Willa at homer. I was so surprised at the nastiness aimed at the series and calling it “woke”, whatever that means. I guess not killing every bad guy, every episode has left people upset. Personally, I’ll take more kissing between Carolyn and Raylan and don’t understand those that cannot see this is an older and wiser Raylan , in a city where h ‘s an unknown. In Harlan he was ‘family’.

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