Special Ops: Lioness Episode Release Schedule: When Will New Episodes Be Released?


If you’re a fan of military espionage dramas, then you’re probably already hooked on Special Ops: Lioness, the latest television show from Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan. The show, which recently premiered on Paramount+, is a thrilling ride that has viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the release of new episodes. But when exactly can we expect these new episodes to drop? Let’s dive into the details.

Special Ops: Lioness is a unique show that draws inspiration from the real-life Lioness Program, a military initiative that adapted to Middle Eastern cultural gender sensitivities by utilising women Marines to engage with the Iraqi and Afghan female populations. In the show, this concept is taken a step further, with the Lioness Program expanding into espionage and assassination.

Paramount+’s Special Ops Lioness Will Be 8 Total Episodes (With 6 Left)


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Special Ops: Lioness season 1 is shorter than the typical Yellowstone season, with just 8 episodes in comparison to Yellowstone‘s usual 10. Two episodes have already premiered on Paramount+. Episode 1 “Sacrificial Soldiers,” and episode 2 “The Beating,” both written by Taylor Sheridan and directed by John Hillcoat, introduced viewers to the cast of characters and set the foundation for the military thriller’s gripping plot. As a result, there are 6 episodes left to wrap up Special Ops: Lioness season 1.


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The remaining 6 episodes of Special Ops: Lioness will drop week by week on Paramount’s streaming service Paramount+. The episodes are set to land each Sunday at 12am PT/3am ET, giving viewers plenty of time to digest the action before the next episode.

When Special Ops Lioness’ Finale Releases On Paramount+


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Season 1 of Sheridan’s Special Ops: Lioness will reach its conclusion on September 3, 2023. Given the show’s plot, comparisons to similar spy thrillers like Homeland are unavoidable. There are already plenty of questions that need answering, and it’s almost guaranteed that season Special Ops: Lioness will include the kinds of twists and turns that made Homeland unmissable, meaning the finale is an important date for fans’ calendars.


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At the time of writing, there’s no word on Special Ops: Lioness season 2. While the initial reaction to Special Ops: Lioness has been mixed, Sheridan’s Midas touch for Paramount may see it increase in popularity as more episodes unravel the plot and develop the characters. The final episode, “Gone Is the Illusion of Order,” should hopefully wrap things up in a satisfying way while still leaving the door open to return in the future.

Final Thoughts on Special Ops: Lioness on Paramount+


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Special Ops: Lioness is a thrilling addition to the Paramount+ roster, offering viewers a unique blend of military action and espionage drama. With six more episodes to go in the first season, fans have plenty to look forward to. Whether you’re already hooked or just considering diving in, Special Ops: Lioness is a show that’s well worth your time. So, mark your calendars for those Sunday releases, and prepare for a thrilling ride!

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to watching the new episodes of Special Ops: Lioness on Paramount+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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