Sounds Like The Annabelle Doll Didn’t Escape From The Warrens’ Museum

There’s been a rather strange rumour that the Annabelle doll escaped from the Warrens’ museum, but that hoax has now been debunked.

This rumour spread like wildfire on Twitter and people got really freaked out by it.

Just if  you thoughts 2020 couldn’t get any worse, there was then a rumour that the creepy Annabelle doll from those horror movies escaped!

No, it just couldn’t be true.

Turns out, this was all a rather odd hoax.

The Annabelle doll is still safe and sound (for us at least) in the Warrens’ museum.

That said, if it had really escaped, then would they tell us the truth?

Probably not. The doll is meant to be possessed by the spirit of an evil demon after all.

So, the real-life Annabelle doll didn’t escape after all


The Annabelle doll didn’t escape – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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But, how did this whole rumour start, I hear you ask?

It’s actually a pretty strange story.

The rumour started after news stories about British actress Annabelle Wallis was published.

Wallis, best known for playing Grace on Peaky Blinders, did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which she revealed how she was able to get The Mummy co-star Tom Cruise to run with her on camera.

According to YouTube user Hi Tech (via Heavy), the story got changed to “Annabelle escaped” when translated into Chinese, which got the rumour rolling.

So, it was all lost in translation, and people kind of ran with it.

What do you make of all of this?

Did you believe that the Annabelle doll really escaped from the Warrens’ museum?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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