Alien’s Xenomorph Is Going To Be The New Hunter In Fortnite

Now, I don’t always cover video games here on Small Screen, but every now and then, something pops up that really has me intrigued, and that’s what happened today. It’s being suggested that the new hunter in Fortnite could be the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, and that would be both incredible and bloody terrifying.

This comes after an “incoming transmission” was shared by Fortnite’s official Twitter account and in it, a man could be heard making a report log, and it sounds like he’s on a spaceship. People then started putting two and two together and they were getting Xenomorph. So, it really does seem as though the Alien monster is coming to the video game.

This means that players will be able to use the Xenomorph skin in the game and that would be terrifying! Imagine being hunted by the actual alien from Alien in Fortnite. I couldn’t think of anything worse.

Could Alien’s Xenomorph be the new hunter in Fortnite?

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So, people then took to Twitter in droves to say that they thought they knew which character would be the next skin in Fortnite. And, well, it seems as though they were correct. People even took the time to decipher the code to figure out whether it was going to be the alien from Alien. Here’s what one person on Twitter wrote:

In case you missed it; The Kepler Portal has been decrypted and it appears to be the Xenomorph XX121 from Alien. Keep in mind this skin will have a built-in emote

What do you make of this rumour? Do you think that Alien’s Xenomorph will be the new hunter people are waiting for in Fortnite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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