A District 9 Sequel Is In The Works


Back in 2009 an original sci-fi film called District 9 came along and introduced the world to writer/director Neill Blomkamp and it’s been revealed that he’s making a sequel to that film.

After making District 9 for next to nothing, Blomkamp went on to make Chappie and Elysium.

As a result, he was long linked with an Alien film, including ideas around bringing back Sigourney Weaver for a fifth film in the original franchise.

But District 9 has never received a sequel, and the surprise $210m box office hit (based on a $25-30m budgeted film) has long remained in the minds of many.

District 9 received Four Oscar nominations


Credit: TriStar Pictures

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Receiving four Academy Award nominations including ‘Best Picture’ the film took critics by storm calling it the best science fiction film of the 2000s, and Blomkamp himself in the media upon release made many references to bringing a sequel to cinemas, called District 10.

In February 2021, almost 11 years after the original Blomkamp confirmed that we’d be seeing a sequel to District 9 and original star Sharlto Copley was on board.

And now we have further details thanks to an interview with NME.

It’s far into the writing stage now, and it’s going pretty well, but I’m just super creatively into what we’ve come up with and I just want to throw everything into it

Blomkamp goes on to state he didn’t see a reason over the past 10 years to just suddenly make a sequel but stated upon watching a ‘documentary’ on a well-known ‘sociopolitical topic’ 24 months prior spurred him into action.

District 9’s sequel is happening


Credit: TriStar Pictures

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Considering District 9 received Academy Award nods for Best Adapted Screenplay, the pressure is on for Blomkamp and screenwriter Terri Tatchell to not only follow up their previous film, but go above the high standard they set in 2009.

The original film follows a world where 30 years prior Aliens landed on Earth, escaping their own dying planet and seeking refuge. They remain managed by ‘Multi National Limited’, a group that is using the alien’s technology for their own gains, and has no real concern over the welfare of the alien immigrants who live within a ghetto.

In a dramatic turn of events, we see a human character become ‘infected’ with DNA and his only cause to survive is to hide within ‘District 9’ and seek help from those his company is against.

The story leaves many routes option to a sequel, and the film hit home with audiences everywhere with political and social commentary that really reflected the world around us currently.

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