7 Greek Mythology Movies Worth Watching


A Greek mythology movie’s near-infinite potential has contributed to its ongoing success. Heroes, villains, extraordinary creatures, gods, goddesses, and tales of tragedy and deception make this genre the perfect subject for Hollywood productions.

Many adaptations of ancient Greek dramas or myths exist, but the following ones below are particularly noteworthy.



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Troy follows stars Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Diane Kruger during the war between Troy and Sparta. It’s an adaptation of Homer’s epic saga and is a face-paced battle that condenses ten years of war into a few weeks.

Though the plot may lack, it allows us to explore what life was like in that era, similar to other Greek mythology-themed entertainment, such as the Gates of Olympus Slot. Besides the story, the soundtrack is beautiful and captures the spirit of remembrance that ancient Greeks treasured so highly.

Clash of Titans

Clash of the Titans takes inspiration from the 1981 Perseus myth adaptation. We follow the story of the demigod Perseus, son of Zeus, who is caught between Hades and Olympus. During the film, the Kraken threatens the city of Argos. As Princess Andromeda’s life hangs in the balance, Perseus hunts down Medusa to use her head against the Kraken.

Despite being loud, gritty, and making caricatures of mythological elements, Clash of the Titans is an entertaining action film with plenty of thrills and suspense worthy of the gods.



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The film 300 is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller. This film helped Gerard Butler become a star and resulted in many B-grade copycats following its release. 300 is an adaptation of the Battle of Thermopylae in real life. According to the fictional account, 300 Spartan warriors face off against an entire Persian army.

A similar technique to Sin City is used to superimpose actors onto scenes. Some exciting and brutal action scenes and fantasy elements are reminiscent of Greek myths. It is a film that Greek mythology lovers are sure to continue watching over and over again

Antigone (1961)

This famous adaptation of the tragic play by Sophocles was brought up on the silver screen with the amazing Irene Papas as Antigone. Eteocles and Polynices, two sons of Oedipus who claimed the throne of Thebes, die during their conflict over the throne. As a result of Creon’s denial of proper burial for one brother, the heroine of the story, Antigone, becomes angry. In defiance of her uncle, Antigone decides to bury her traitorous brother, whom she believes will not find rest in the afterlife otherwise. However, her actions have tragic consequences.

Wrath of Titans

The sequel to Clash of the Titans follows Same Worthington’s character Perseus on a new quest, clashing with Kronos. Human worship and devotion give the gods their power. When it wanes, Kronos lashes out in revenge after thousands of years in Tartarus.

As with the previous film, Wrath of the Titans also makes heavy caricatures of its myths, but it is a charming blockbuster, with many of the actors returning, including Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades. Although the script is a little rough, the action sequences are fantastic, and the cast has risen to the occasion again.

Electra (1962)

As her father was murdered by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her lover Aegisthus, Electra is waiting for the right opportunity to avenge him. The opportunity arises when she meets her half-brother again. Having been defined as a tragedy, it does not (cannot) end well either. The two will work together to carry out their murderous plan. The film features music by Mikis Theodorakis and powerful acting by Irene Papas in the lead role.



Credit: Relativity Media

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Before humanity was created, the Olympian Gods and Titans fought. The former won, and the latter was imprisoned in Tartarus. Henry Cavill stars as Theseus, a mortal man assigned by Zeus to defeat King Hyperion, played by Mickey Rourke before he releases the Titans. Theseus must find the Epirus Bow, a mystical weapon with immense power. Before securing the bow, Theseus must battle the giant known as the Beast. We are treated to some amazing footage and choreographed duels throughout the film.


Even though Greek mythology has existed for two millennia, the stories continue to captivate people and inspire filmmakers worldwide. The timeless teachings of Greek mythology have remained relevant in modern times, and they continue to delight all audiences.


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