5 Australian Movies You Need To Watch


Let’s talk about Australian movies! Most of the films we see worldwide are made in the USA. You can also see films made in Great Britain, France, or Denmark in the cinema. But remember how long ago you saw Australian films? Many, at the mention of Australian cinema, fall into a mortar because they do not know their famous movies.

Meanwhile, the Australians have a very interesting culture, great humour and an unusual approach to making films. If you have not yet been interested in the culture of Australia, then we suggest that you get to know this country through cinema. Sit back and choose a movie – we will offer options for different genres.

We have collected films that you must watch if you dream of a trip to Australia or just want to expand the horizons of consciousness.

The Castle (1997)


Credit: Village Roadshow Entertainment

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This is a wonderful, kind family comedy about how Australians love their land. In the centre of the plot is an average Australian family from Melbourne, which is no different from the rest. Except for one thing – their house is located near the airport, which is just about to be expanded. This means one thing – the house will be demolished, and the family will have to move to a new home. But it’s not easy to force the Kerrigans to leave their beloved home!

Watch this Australian classic filled with humour to get a feel for the mentality of the locals. It will be interesting!

The film was shot in 10 days, despite the fact that it took two weeks to write the script. It was filmed in Melbourne. There are also Brunswick locations in the film. 

The Winner (1996)

This film was shot in collaboration with the United States; the plot takes us to the numerous casinos of Las Vegas. The film’s protagonist is Phillip, a chronic loser suffering from deep depression. On one ordinary Sunday, the hero accidentally ends up in a casino and just as accidentally wins a round sum. And from that day begins the story of his luck – now Philip can win every Sunday.

It seems like the hero doesn’t do anything at all, and he only gets money at the gambling table. His success draws the attention of Lisa, the call girl. Seeing how easily cash is given to Philip, she decides to seduce him to pay off her creditors and make good money. This is where a dynamic story about survival in Vegas, gangsters, drug lords, and murder investigations begins. A crime comedy filled has unexpected twists!

If, after watching, you want to try your luck – try playing at an online casino in Australia. There you can earn real money without the risk of attracting the attention of bandits.

Australia (2008)


Credit: 20th Century Fox

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This is a wonderful historical film starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. The historical story will definitely not leave you indifferent if you like beautiful stories about love, difficulties, and war.

According to the plot, the English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley (played by the sophisticated Nicole Kidman), must go to the Australian outback to sell her late husband’s business. Having travelled on business, she quickly falls in love with the local scenery and friendly people. Lady decides to leave the company and run a livestock farm alone. To do this, she must transport a massive steel of cattle to Darwin, where the drover helps her (his role went to Hugh Jackman).

Then everything seems standard: sparks of hatred and irritation fly between the couple, which soon turn into sympathy and love. And everything would be fine if not for the Second World War … What will happen next – see the film.

Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)

Are you interested in learning more about Australian history and what the “stolen generation” is? Then the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence is for you. The film is fiction, but the plot is based on actual events. The main characters are three sisters who were forcibly taken away from their family in 1931 by Aboriginal Law. At that time, this often happened in non-white families.

To return to their families, the children run away on a long, arduous journey home. They will overcome over 2000 km, and their path will always pass by the fence protecting the continent from rabbits … The police will hunt for them, natives and indigenous people will help them, and watching the picture without tears is almost impossible.

A poignant drama based on the biographical novel Follows the Rabbit-Proof Fence. A must-see for anyone who wants to learn about life in Australia in the 20th century and get a better feel for the atmosphere of the continent.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)


Credit: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

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Let’s digress from heavy topics and watch a real-world hit – The Adventures of Priscilla. The film is very colourful, funny, beautiful, and touching. He even won an Oscar for best costume at the 67th ceremony.

With the heroine, you will go on an exciting journey from Sydney to Alice Springs on a small tourist bus. You will see the outback of Australia and also learn the unusual story of a group of transvestites who are travelling in the same direction. There will be a lot of dancing, jokes, music, and funny situations.

We are sure you will want to get to know Australian cinema better after getting acquainted with these films.

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