Here’s Everything That Actually Happened In Stranger Things Season 2

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Stranger Things season 3 is available to stream on Netflix now, but people might not be able to recollect exactly what happened in the previous season. But never fear, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything that happened in Stranger Things season 2.

People across the globe are currently binge-watching Stranger Things season 3, and if you’re like me, then you might have totally forgotten what happened in the previous season.

Also, if you’re like me (impatient), then you would have skipped the recap at the beginning of season 3 which does help to put things into perspective for the viewer, yet people don’t have time to watch a three-minute recap!

So, what I decided to do was break down what happened in Stranger Things season 2 into an easily consumable list of bullet points to give you a bit of a refresher.

Season 2: Episode 1 – Chapter One: MADMAX

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OK, so the episode starts by introducing another psychic girl with a tattoo which looks a lot like Eleven’s. It marks her as “008”, and she is part of a criminal gang in Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, in Hawkins, the old gang – Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas – become acquainted with a new red-headed girl at school called Maxine (but she goes by Max). She almost immediately becomes of interest to Dustin and Lucas, but she has a pretty nasty older brother, Billy.

Mike and his sister Nancy are still struggling to come to terms with the loss of Eleven and Barb (poor Barb). Will is also struggling, but he’s being plagued by visions on the Upside Down and a huge tentacled creature.

Joyce and Hopper decide to take Will to the lab so that the head scientist, Dr. Owens, can work out what’s going on with him.

Hopper then goes to his cabin in the woods, and it’s revealed that he’s living there with Eleven who’s alive!

Season 2: Episode 2 – Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak

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Flashbacks show how Eleven managed to escape from the Upside Down, and she then has to hide from government officials who are searching for her in the woods.

Meanwhile, in the present day, the gang are getting ready for the biggest night of the year, Halloween.

Eleven wants to go trick-or-treating with the other kids, but Hopper insists that she has to remain hidden.

Hopper then starts in investigate the strange goings-on in Hawkins, which is causing all the pumpkins to rot (ew).

Nancy, still suffering from grief and guilt, is adamant that she wants to tell Barb’s parents what really happened to their daughter, but her boyfriend, Steve, isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. He feels that government agents might come knocking if they catch wind of it.

They then go to a Halloween party, and Nancy gets very drunk, insults Steve and Jonathan takes her home.

Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas go trick-or-treating, later joined by Max. Will then has another episode during the and tells Mike about his visions.

Mike tells Will that he is still trying to contact Eleven, who’s also trying to contact Mike using her powers, but is unsuccessful.

Dustin then returns home after trick-or-treating, and discovers a rather strange and disgusting creature in his trash can (which is so obviously bad news).

Season 2: Episode 3 – Chapter Three: The Pollywog

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It’s flashback time again. These flashbacks show Hopper finding Eleven in the woods, and he lets her live in his grandfather’s slightly creepy cabin in the woods.

Meanwhile, back in the present day, Nancy tries to convince Jonathan to help her tell Barb’s parents the truth.

Hopper is still trying to figure out the great pumpkin-rotting mystery and tries to get Dr. Owens to help him investigate.

And then there’s Dustin, who’s trying to learn more about his disgusting slug-like creature who he’s named D’Artagnan (or Dart for short), and he shows him to his friends at school, and he later escapes.

Eleven subsequently leaves the cabin and tries to find Mike, and she sees him arguing with Max and naturally thinks they’re a thing.

Will then finds Dart, and it triggers another hallucination and decides to follow his mum’s boyfriend’s advice and confronts his fears.

In this case, he fears the shadow monster, and it ends up shoving a shadow tentacle down his throat.

Season 2: Episode 4 – Chapter Four: Will the Wise

Stranger Things Season 2 Is Basically Aliens And Season 1 Was Alien 5

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Will wakes up after his hallucination and is surrounded by Joyce and his friends who are concerned about him.

Joyce takes Will home who starts drawing bizarre scribbles on paper. She then goes to Hopper for help and together they discover that Will’s been drawing an extensive network of line.

Hopper recognises the area and leaves Joyce in a rush without telling her anything.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Jonathan are both caught by undercover lab agents when they try to contact Barb’s mother.

They are then escorted to the portal to the Upside Down by Dr. Owens and tells them that Barb died from it. He then tells them that they want to stop any other governments from learning about the Upside Down and that they want to prevent other governments from learning of it.

When they are finally allowed to leave, Nancy reveals that she was recording Owens.

Back to the kids, Lucas is trying to get closer to Max, but her brother Billy threatens his sister and tells her she can’t see Lucas any more.

And then we have Dustin and his disgusting buddy Dart, who’s shown his true colours by breaking out of his cage and eating Dustin’s cat.

Dustin realises that Dart is actually a Demogorgon monster (duh!).

Eleven and Hopper argue, and she ends up finding his research into her birth mother, who’s called Terry Ives. She tries to contact her using her powers.

Hopper is continuing trying to figure out what’s going on with the pumpkins and finds a tunnel which leads to the Upside Down.

Season 2: Episode 5 – Chapter Five: Dig Dug

Stranger Things Season 2 Is Basically Aliens And Season 1 Was Alien 6

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Surprise, surprise. Hopper ends up being trapped in the tunnels and then faints.

Will then has a vision of what’s happened to Hoppe, yet Joyce can’t figure out where he is, so she brings her boyfriend, Bob, in to help her figure out what Will’s drawings mean.

He eventually realises that the drawings are of a map of Hawkings, and they figure out where Hopper is trapped.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Jonathan go to a local conspiracy theorist, Murray, for help. He understands that the general public will never believe their story as it is, and he suggests making it more palatable.

He suggests they should blame Barb’s death on toxins from the lab.

Dustin then reveals what happened to all of them to Max last year to make her respect him, but it backfires.

He eventually manages to trap Dart in the basement and goes to Steve for help.

Eleven is eventually able to communicate with her mother, Terry, and gains access to her memories in which she attempts to rescue her at Hawkins Lab before she was subject to a massive dose of shock therapy.

Eleven discovers that there was another girl trained like herm, and she starts to try to track her down.

Joyce, Bob, Will, and Mike rescue Hopper, and lab agents soon arrive on site and set the tunnels on fire. This causes Will to collapse in agony.

Season 2: Episode 6 – Chapter Six: The Spy

Stranger Things Season 2 Is Basically Aliens And Season 1 Was Alien 4

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Joyce and Bob rush Will to the lab who’s demonstrating memory loss. Dr. Owens suggests that the shadow monster from the Upside Down could be working like a virus in Will, and it has now spread to his brain; which means that destroying the tunnels could end up killing Will.

Nancy and Jonathan sleep over at Murray’s place, and they finally admit their feelings for one another. They then return to Jonathan’s home and discover Will’s mad drawings.

Dustin goes to Lucas for help to capture Dart, and they, along with Max and Steve, try to trap Dart at the local junkyard.

There, Max tells Lucas that her brother’s attitude is due to his father remarrying to Max’s mother, which is a situation Billy wasn’t best pleased with.

The four then discover that Dart is but one of a pack of adolescent monsters. They all end up trapped in a bus being attacked by the Demogorgon dogs until the pack suddenly runs away.

Meanwhile, at the lab, Will discovers a location on his map that the monsters are trying to avoid, which is located near the lab.

Owens sends a team to investigate, but the whole thing turns out to be a trap (IT’S A TRAP). The team is then attacked by the dog monsters and they then manage to get into the lab itself. They realise that the beast has manipulated Will.

Season 2: Episode 7 – Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister

The Stranger Things Characters Get An X-Men Fan Art Makeover

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OK, so this is the very strange and slightly annoying episode. It’s the one where Eleven goes to Chicago to find the other girl from her mother’s memories.

There, Eleven finds Kali, who’s the girl with psychic powers from her mother’s memories. She finds her with others of her X-Men-esque gang.

The two catch up and immediately have a connection.

Kali shows off her power and with the help of Eleven and her gang start planning their revenge on the scientists which did this to them.

Kali helps Eleven to gain control over her powers by telling her to channel her anger (not unlike a Sith in Star Wars).

Eleven decided to join the gang as the attack the technician who performed shock therapy on Eleven’s mother. He tells them that the actual scientist behind it all, Dr. Brenner, is still out there.

Kali attempts to get Eleven to kill Ray, but she does want to when he tells her he has young daughters.

The gang decide to leave and go back to their headquarters, and Kali tried to convince Eleven to stay with them and avenge her mother.

After having a vision of Mike and Hopper both in serious trouble at the lab, she decides to go back to Hawkins to help her friends.

Season 2: Episode 8 – Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer

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The dogs are back guys, and they are killing everybody in the lab.

Mike tell Joyce that she needs to put her son, Will, under so that the monster can’t track them.

Unfortunately, Mike, Will, Joyce, Hopper, Bob and Owens are all trapped in the lab’s security room, and then there’s a powe outage.

Bob bravely volunteers to be the one to reset the breakers in order to let them escape from the lab.

Owens opts to stay behind to help all of them to navigate their way out of the lab, and then Bob is tragically cornered by dogs and killed.

They all meet up with Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, Dustin, Lucas and Max who have come down to the lab, which is maybe not the best idea they’ve ever had.

They all manage to work out that this mysterious shadow monster from the Upside Down is controlling Will and the pack of angry Demogorgan dogs.

It becomes clear that if they kill the shadow monster, then it’s control over Will will be broken.

They then tie up Will and put him in the tool shed which they have redecorated so that he’s unable to figure out where he’s being trapped.

The group figures that the shadow monster is controlling Will and the pack, and if they kill it, its influence on those will end.

Jonathan, Joyce, and Mike are then able to get through to Will and figure out that he’s using Morse code to tap out a message which reads, “CLOSE GATE”.

The house phone then rings, which allows the monster to work out where it’s being held.

They barricade themselves in the house as the pack moves in. However, as the monsters close in, Eleven surprisingly arrives at the Byers and dispatches them.

Season 2: Episode 9 – Chapter Nine: The Gate

Stranger Things Season 2 Is Basically Aliens And Season 1 Was Alien 3

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Eleven and the rest of the gang manage to come up with a plan to close the gate to the Upside Down.

Hopper and Eleven head to the lab to close the gate once and for all. While they’re doing this Jonathan, Nancy, and Joyce try to rid Will of the virus by making him very very hot.

Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max go into the tunnels to try and get the pack away from the lab, though Steve initially says that he doesn’t want to help out.

Billy, after having been told to find Max by his awful dad, arrives on the scene and ends up getting into a scrap with Steve.

Max managed to sedate her brother and Steve decides to help the kids in their mission. They all enter the tunnels together and enact their plan, but are cornered by Dart, Dustin’s former pet.

Dustin manages to stop Dart from killing them for them to escape. Despite the Mind Flayer’s attempts, Eleven unleashes her anger and successfully closes the portal.

A month later, the lab has been shut down, Barb has been given a proper funeral, and Owens forges a birth certificate for Eleven for Hopper.

Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Will, Lucas and Max attend the school’s winter dance Snow Ball, unaware that in the Upside Down, the shadow monster is still alive, towering over the school.

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