The 10 Best Gambling Movies Of All Time Ranked


Multiple casino and gambling movies have been released over the years. Casino gambling enthusiasts find these movies exciting as they watch players employ different strategies. The popularity of the films has seen them achieve classic status and box office success globally.

Which is your favourite gambling movie? Well, the answer to this question is subjective. Nonetheless, here are the 10 best gambling movies of all time:



Credit: Universal Pictures

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While this movie does not show a lot of gambling, it is an excellent gambling movie. The film narrates the story of two gangsters, Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro. However, it does not cover much on gambling and successful strategies. But you can click for more information on gambling sites and best practices. Ace runs the Tangiers Casino, whereas Nicky is a bully who shakes down locals.

Ace is smitten with a hustler, and Nicky starts doing drugs. These moves cause their downfall. The casino is a film about greed, control, love, and trickery, which are excellent ingredients for a mobster classic.

Ocean’s Eleven


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

This is undeniably the coolest gambling movie ever produced. Danny Ocean is on a mission to score the biggest casino heist ever! He goes after three casinos simultaneously: MGM Grand, the Bellagio, and the Mirage.

Terry Benedict owns all three. The plan is risky, but he executes it flawlessly. It remains one of the most loved casino movies globally.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Gambling Movies

Credit: Universal Pictures

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This film follows Raoul Duke, an oddball journalist, and Dr. Gonzo, his lawyer. They head to Las Vegas to chase the American Dream. They encounter bizarre and wonderful characters in their pursuit, including gamblers, racers, police, and hitchhikers. Although their goal was the American Dream, they ended up experiencing fear and loathing.



Credit: Miramax

Rounders is your typical gambling glide. It is the story of a talented poker player who loses cash to a gangster before turning his back on the game. After that, he returns to the game to help a friend and save himself. As the movie ends, Mike McDermott embraces his love for the game by withdrawing from law school and boarding a plane to Las Vegas to participate in the Poker World Series.  

The Cincinnati Kid


Credit: MGM

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This Steve McQueen classic features Eric Stoner as the main character. Eric is an upcoming gambler who travels from town to town in search of beautiful women and high-stakes games. The film catches Eric as he enters New Orleans and plans to compete with Lance Howard, the best Stud Poker player. Eric wins the earlier rounds, but Howard defeats him in the end. The game is famous because it requires a lot of intelligence to win it.


maverick casino gambling movies

Credit: Icon Productions

The movie draws its inspiration from the 1950s series. It features the story of a con called Bret Maverick, who attempts to raise $25000 to participate in an all-five-card poker tournament. He plays card games to raise these funds and even enters into debt.

After raising funds, Maverick goes to the game and wins $500000. Unfortunately, the cash is stolen, setting the stage for further twists as he tries to recover the money.

Casino Royale


Credit: MGM Studios

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There are several James Bond series on the Poker game, but Casino Royale offers the most powerful depiction of the game. His mission is to kill and participate in the high-stakes poker game. He also intends to stop Le Chiffre, a banker, and terrorist, from winning.

There is also the $10 million buy-in that would unnerve nearly all professional players. However, for Bond, there is more at stake than just money. A whopping $115 million is at stake in the final. Le Chiffre beats the other players, but Bond seals the win in a flush.   



Credit: Columbia Pictures

21 is a popular game among gamblers. It is a typical underdog story where the gambler beats the house. It also depicts the game of blackjack. Ben Campbell, the protagonist in the film, aspires to study medicine at Harvard Medical School but cannot afford the fees.

He is introduced to Micky Rosa, a math teacher who runs a card counting club comprising five students. Ben joins the group, and they visit casinos in the US to use their card-counting skills to win.  

The Gambler


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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Fittingly named, The Gambler narrates the story of a university professor (James Caan) who has a casino gambling addiction. As the film continues, Caan’s character plunges into self-destruction, making his mental state ever more precarious.  

The film creates a steady crescendo and excellent climax as his borrowing worsens and his need for thrills endangers his life. It is a classic gambling movie that warns viewers of the dangers of gambling addiction.

Molly’s Game


Credit: STX Entertainment

This film is based on Molly’s memoirs and narrates her true story in underground poker clubs for wealthy high rollers. It is different from the others on this list because the lead character is female in a gambling business dominated by male characters.

Jessica Chastain portrays Molly’s character brilliantly, while Idris Elba plays his supportive role perfectly. Chris O’Dowd and Joe Keery give the film a much-needed sense of humour.


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