Zoe Kravitz Has Been Cast As Catwoman In Matt Reeves’ The Batman

It’s official people! Zoe Kravitz will be starring as Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson who’ll be playing, of course, Batman.

This news comes courtesy of Variety, who revealed that the Mad Max: Fury Road and X-Men: First Class star will be coming into the DC Comics movies fold.

She’ll be yet another actor who made the leap from Marvel to DC Comics, although she did star in one of Fox’s Marvel movies.

It’s a rather special group to be part of, and I think this is an inspired bit of casting.

Kravitz has really impressed in practically everything she’s ever been in, however, she blew people away with her performance in the hit TV series, Big Little Lies.

Zoe Kravitz has big boots to fill

Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman in The Batman

Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman in The Batman – Credit: DC Comics

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She also has a history with Catwoman, having voiced the character in The LEGO Batman Movie back in 2017.

Perhaps it was one of the reasons why she was cast in the role. She probably really loved playing this unique comic book character who often toes the line between being a hero and a villain.

She’s easily one of the most interesting characters ever created in the comic book world, and she’s been played by some pretty impressive actors in the past.

Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises, Halle Berry in Catwoman and Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman. Those are some very talented actresses, yet I’m sure Zoe will do something very special with the role.

There were rumours that Kristen Stewart was up for the role, yet that would have just been too awkward due to her and Pattinson’s past.

Zoe Kravitz seems to like being in comic book movies

Zoe Kravitz DC Comics Catwoman

Zoe Kravitz will make an excellent Catwoman in The Batman – Credit: Lionsgate

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Zoe also voiced Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, so it seems as though she quite enjoys being in comic book movies.

Personally, I cannot wait to see what she does with the role, and I’m excited to see Matt Reeves’ vision put to the big screen.

I also think that she and Pattinson will look excellent together on the big screen. Really, I couldn’t think of a better bit of casting.

Pre-production on The Batman is expected to start sometime this summer.

No official start date has been set yet, however, there are rumours that filming could start in late 2019 or early 2020.

The Batman is set to hit theatres on June 25th, 2021.

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