Zack Snyder Would Like To Do A Rick And Morty Movie

Zack Snyder has revealed that he would love to make a Rick And Morty movie at some point in the future, and that’s something that I think many people would love to see!

Zack revealed this rather strange bit of information during a recent interview with Tyrone Magnus (via Movieweb).

During the interview, the director was asked whether he would ever consider directing a comedy.

That was actually a really interesting question since Snyder’s never entered the comedy genre.

He tends to live in the action-movie and horror-movie genres.

However, I think he would make a really interesting comedic film, and it seems as though he’s thought of doing something.

He revealed that he’s been thinking of doing a Rick And Morty movie.

Personally, I think he would do a really good job.

Zack Snyder would be interested in making a Rick And Morty movie

rick and morty season 4 uk release date pushed forward

Rick and Morty Season 4’s uk release date pushed forward – Credit: Adult Swim

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Here’s what Zack had to say when he was asked whether he’d ever make a comedy:

I don’t have like a straight comedy that I can think, you know, that’s like wall to wall straight comedy. If I did the Rick and Morty movie that’s probably about the closest I’d get.

I wonder what people are waiting for?

Get Zack Snyder to direct this live-action Rick And Morty move right now.

He’d be a pretty interesting choice for it.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Zack Snyder make a Rick And Morty movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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