Zack Snyder Would Have Let Ryan Reynolds Leak His Justice League

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Zack Snyder has revealed that he loved the idea of getting Ryan Reynolds to leak his Justice League cut in order to help it to get released.

This was revealed in a recent interview Zack Snyder did with Screen Rant in which they were chatting about his upcoming movie, Army Of The Dead.

During the discussion, they got onto the subject of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

This was when Screen Rant asked whether the idea of having Ryan Reynolds leak the movie was ever in the air.

This turned into a bit of a joke and Zack seemed to really like the idea.

Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

Ryan’s a good guy probably to do it. What are ya gonna do? What’s anyone gonna do to Ryan? He doesn’t care! (laughter) Zero f***s given (laughter). Good idea.

Zack Snyder liked the idea of having Ryan Reynolds leak his cut of Justice League


Credit: HBO Max

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Honestly, if AT&T hadn’t stepped in and had Snyder’s Justice League released on HBO Max, then Snyder and Reynolds might have pulled a stunt like this.

It would have been hilarious and I’m wondering whether David Ayer should get in touch with Ryan Reynolds and have him leak his version of Suicide Squad.

Ryan Reynolds was involved (reportedly) in leaking part of the Deadpool movie.

It was in development hell for quite some time and 20th Century Fox wasn’t going to go ahead with the film.

Ryan Reynolds has a history of leaking things

Ryan Reynolds almost crushed by fans at Comic Con Experience in Brazil

Credit: Netflix

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Then someone leaked that epic highway scene in the first Deadpool film and the fan reaction was so strong that Fox had to greenlight the movie.

The rest is now, as they say, history.

Deadpool went on to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, and it was only beaten by Deadpool 2.

What do you make of this news?

Would you have liked Zack Snyder to get Ryan Reynolds to leak his cut of Justice League?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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