Army Of The Dead 2 To Be A Sci-Fi Action Horror Movie


Zack Snyder has been talking about Army Of Thieves and Army Of The Dead 2 and revealed some ideas for the planned sequel.

He revealed this in an interview with Variety.

Army Of Thieves was released on Netflix this week and it’s already doing very well for the streaming service.

It’s currently in Netflix’s top ten worldwide, and it’s a kind of spinoff/prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead.

Army Of Thieves wasn’t directed by Snyder himself.

The movie was actually directed by Matthias Schweighöfer from a screenplay by Shay Hatten, based on a story he wrote with Zack Snyder.

You know what, I think I preferred this new prequel.

I liked Snyder’s Army Of The Dead, but there was something kind of quirky about Thieves that make me like it a bit more than Snyder’s zombie movie.

Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead 2 could go into space

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Here’s what Snyder revealed about Army Of The Dead 2 which is already in the works with Netflix:

[Co-writer Shay Hatten] and I have been talking about the straight sequel to ‘Army of the Dead’ being possibly a sci-fi actioner with horror elements… Probably with a heist at its centre.

I would love to see a sci-fi horror movie directed by Zack Snyder.

He’s already working on Rebel Moon, which is his take on a Star Wars movie.

So, it seems as though Snyder wants to do a but more sci-fi movies moving forward, which I think is good news for all of us.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Army Of The Dead 2 when it’s finally released on Netflix?

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