Zack Snyder Hit With Copyright Claim After Batman Tweet


Zack Snyder posted a pretty funny tweet after it was revealed that a Batman and Catwoman oral sex scene was cut from the Harley Quinn animated series.

He posted an illustration of Batman performing oral sex on Catwoman and he accompanied it with the caption: “Canon”.

It was a pretty fun tweet for him to post and it was making something of a point, I think.

However, it seems as though some people – probably inside Warner Bros. Pictures – weren’t best pleased with Snyder using the image he did.

It was revealed that Snyder was then hit with a copyright strike for using the image without the owner’s consent.

Now, did the image he posted below come from DC Comics or Warner Bros. Pictures?

I’m really not sure. The illustration wasn’t from any graphic novel I’ve ever read.

Zack Snyder gets issued a copyright strike for his Batman ‘canon’ tweet

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Some people have suggested that Snyder was issued a copyright strike from the illustrator, not DC Comics.

However, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures have a history of being very litigious when it comes to the use of their characters.

They tend to get very annoyed when people draw pictures of their DC Comics characters, and I think that this might be the case here.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures’ lawyers stepped in and got the picture removed from Twitter.

It’s such a shame because it was just a little bit of fun, but the fun stops when lawyer and copyright strikes get involved.

What do you make of this news?

Did you like Zack Snyder’s ‘Canon’ Batman and Catwoman oral sex scene tweet?

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