Wonder Woman 1984’s First TV Spot Show’s Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince In Action

Wonder Woman 1984 is quickly becoming one of the biggest movies of the year – well, it already is – and we’ve now got a new TV spot for the film.

The movie will be Gal Gadot’s fourth outing as Wonder Woman and it’ll be her second standalone Wonder Woman movie.

It’ll also be Patty Jenkins’ second Wonder Woman movie, and it’s been revealed she’s only planning on doing one more.

Anyway, the first trailer released back in December and it was bonkers. Wonder Woman 1984 really does look like a great time at the cinema.

We’ve now seen the very first TV spot for the upcoming DC Comics movie and it makes the film look as epic as ever.

The TV spot was first spotted during the NFL’s AFC Championship Game and people videoed the trailer and shared it on social media.

I found it on Twitter, but I’m pretty sure other people shared the video on other social media accounts.

We already knew that Pedro Pascal would be playing the film’s villain, Maxwell Lord.

Wonder Woman 1984’s got its first TV spot

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He’ll be joined by Kristen Wiig who’s going to be playing a version of Cheetah.

The film will also see Chris Pine return as Steve Trevor, which could count as a bit of a surprise given he died in the previous film.

Trevor was blown up in a plane in an effort to help Wonder Woman save the world and it was a truly memorable moment.

However, it looks like they’ve found a way to bring the character back in this movie.

Personally, I cannot wait to see what this film has in store for us.

The first trailer sold me on it, and this TV spot and got me even more excited to see this film

Are you looking forward to watching Wonder Woman 1984 and what did you think of this first TV spot?

Let us know in the comments below.

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