Joe Hill Explains How He Came Up With Locke And Key In New Netflix Featurette

Locke And Key is going to be Netflix’s big new release in February and you might not have known that this new series is based on a series of graphic novels written by Joe Hill, Stephen King’s son.

Joe Hill recently featured in a new featurette courtesy of Netflix and in this short behind the scenes look at the show, the writer explains how he came up with the original idea for the comic books.

In the featurette, Hill explains how he had one idea of a horror story in which there would be a house that was alive and it was filled with these strange keys that could open your mind.

I had this one idea for a horror story about a house that was almost alive, and it would be full of these enchanted keys.”

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Joe Hill then wrote the comic which was illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez and became something of a cult classic in the comic book world.

Netflix then acquired the TV rights to the comic books and now we’re here and the TV show is almost with us.

Locke and Key will be one of Netflix’s big shows of 2020

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Joe Hill also explained how Locke And Key ended up getting to the small screen, and it was a pretty long path.

Locke and Key has had a very long path to screen. The first issue came out in 2008 and all almost from the beginning it had a very passionate fanbase.

It’s probably thanks to that devoted fanbase that Netflix heard of the comic and wanted to acquire the movie and TV rights.

It really does seem as though this will make a perfect and pretty spooky TV show for Netflix in 2020.

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