Wonder Woman 1984 Rumoured To Have Been Delayed… Again

Rumours are abound in Hollywood this week, notably Deadline reporting that a cautious Warner Brothers are looking at delaying Wonder Woman 1984… again.

With Tenet sitting on a $150 million worldwide box office total after 3 weeks, ($13 million from the UK, $10.8 million, France, $29.8 million China, sources BoxOfficeMojo) it’s anyone’s guess whether Nolan’s film can shunter towards even making it’s reported $225 million budget.

Which leaves a quandy for the 115-year-old Burbank studio, do they continue to release blockbuster films, or wait again?

Tenet faces an uphill battle currently with social distancing capacities, & San Francisco, LA & NY markets being closed, a huge source of domestic gross is unavailable.

When we factor that Tenet may just break even, The DC Universe whilst unsuccessful critically, has financially done pretty well for Warner’s.

Wonder Woman was really the first film to get a resounding success with critics, even scoring 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sounds like Wonder Woman 1984 might have been delayed yet again


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Considering the 2017 release took a whopping $412 million at the US Box Office, & $409 million Internationally, with America not fully open, can they risk releasing another big-budget film, with 50% of its potential income hindered?

Currently scheduled for October 2nd, reports now concern that the success of Tenet (or lack of) could move this date back even further.

Further reports from Screen Rant suggest Black Widow could also move.

This would free up a potential weekend for Wonder Woman 1984 come November.

But can NY, LA & others get themselves in a place that theatres could open in less than 2 months’ time to alleviate Warner’s fears?

Cinemas in Europe will be keeping a close ear to conversations with dealings with Warner’s over the next few weeks’ trying to find out.

The good news is Universal released new trailers and a release date of November 12th (UK) for No Time To Die.

However, No Time To Die Hasn’t been delayed

No Time To Die Trailer Super Bowl

Credit: Sony Pictures

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As Bond films generally do much more revenue Internationally than in the US, it’s really going to be a pivotal moment for UK & European Cinemas.

A bonafide blockbuster & star vehicle, you know exactly what you will get with the British institution that is James Bond.

This is why it will succeed where Tenet hasn’t.

Therefore, it seems once again, we will be asking for 007 to save the day.

We will be asking him to accept the mission; to bring audiences back and save Cinemas.

What do you make of this news?

Are you upset to hear that Wonder Woman 1984 might have been delayed again by Warner Bros. Pictures?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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