Here’s Why Tenet Is Critical For The Future Of Cinemas Everywhere

Let’s face it, we’ve gone six months without a new Blockbuster. In Hollywood, that’s an eternity. But for the UK, and indeed worldwide Cinemas, Tenet is to be a lifesaver.

Since the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic cinemas (theatres for any American readers) have been closed, mothballed and gathering dust.

Some began to reopen in Europe, Korea, and even here in the UK once the Prime Minister Boris Johnson decreed it acceptable.

The problem is they re-opened with nothing to show. No new movies, or at the very least new movies that would capture main stream audiences.

Most have played old classics, Jurassic Park, Back To The Future, Star Wars to name a few.

Yet after 6 months of re-watching these under lockdowns on DVD’s, Blu Rays, Streaming services & most likely at my Nan’s house, via VHS, somewhere they aren’t bringing in the money.

And here comes Tenet. And this is why Tenet is so important…

Why Is Tenent So Important for the future of the film industry?

Tenet Release Date

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Audience figures have dropped massively as people struggle to gain the confidence to return to the screens, to dark rooms in the midst of Coronavirus.

Not to mention distancing measures reducing capacities in some cases to over half.

Some fantastic thinking from companies such as ticketing system Admit One has been a boost to consumer & cinema operator confidence.

Their systems used by Independent Cinemas & even chains such as Empire Cinemas automatically allocates distancing measures when purchasing a ticket.

Cinema staff payrolls have tripled in order to ensure auditoriums are sanitised after every showing, screening times are more spread out to reduce crowding & masks are to be worn in and around the cinema itself to prevent any infectious spread.

If I’m honest, I’m sick of hearing about Tenet

Tenet Cinema Saviour

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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What first began in December 2019, Tenet showed us an absolute mind combustion of a trailer.

I read so many widespread theories ever since about its plot, be it links to Inception or

If Michael Caine will reprise his role from the Muppets Christmas Carol…

But since it’s become a bug bear in every Cinema in the country. ‘Will they or won’t they release it to us?

Director Christopher Nolan has been adamant that it can only have a cinematic release, not something to just throw onto streaming services. And who can blame the guy?

He has $2 billion more in Box Office Gross than me or you.

With scenes shot on IMAX, an all-star stellar cast & his history for delivering truly spectacular set pieces, who would want to watch this on their crappy 32-inch Alba TV from Argos?

Are cinemas doomed?

cinemas film industry coronavirus

Credit: Pexels

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But Warner Brothers. Pictures were less than forthcoming to release, after multiple delays over the Summer showing their fear in losing money against a $200 million budget.

It all came to a head when the European Cinema Groups grouped up applying pressure pretty much stating…

“If you keep delaying, they’ll not be any more of us around to play your films.”

And that’s a fact. Without new content, Cinemas are likely to be doomed.

As this is why Tenet is so important to Cinema survival over the next few months. It wasn’t all supposed to be on Tenet, and Warner Brothers. Pictures’ shoulders.

Mulan was also due to release this Summer.

And Disney who are notoriously greedy & monopoly like with their demands when booking any of their films in Cinemas.

They basically gave the middle finger (Fuck You) to the Cinema industry and announced they’ll be releasing Mulan in most countries via the Disney Plus service.

Well that’s great, unless you are China which gets a full theatre roll out.

Although actually I think, more than anything it’s a sign, that they didn’t expect it to do major box office here in West, based on the drama around the production.

Along with removing the best bits about the 1998 animated classic, the music & Eddie Murphy as Mushu…

Companies like Disney need to do more for cinemas

pexels-photo-375885 cinemas uk coronavirus

Credit: Pexels

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For a company that is synonymous with cinema and movies it was disappointing to see Disney in its time of need, give no support to those cinemas that had opened up to survive.

If audiences return in good numbers, then we will see a confidence not only with the audiences & general cinema fan, but also Hollywood itself, who will push for further release.

The main hindrance has been waiting for the NY/LA markets to open, and as we’ve seen, American isn’t handling this pandemic very well, so it’s not likely to happen any time soon…

And this shouldn’t mean the rest of the world’s cinemas get left to fend for themselves in the process.

So now it’s squeaky bum time, the box office has already opened with pre-booking sales for Tenet, and the question remains more than any review score, or any accolade it gets.

Will the people return?

What do you make of this?

Will you be going back to the cinema to watch Tenent, or will you be staying away?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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