Will Smith Reportedly Back As Deadshot In James Gunn’s DCU


Will Smith‘s Deadshot in the 2016 Suicide Squad might just find his way into the new DCU that James Gunn and Peter Safran are creating. DC Studios is developing movies and TV shows, and part of its ‘Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters’ DCU slate has been announced.

While Shazam Fury of the Gods featured characters with mythological origins, it is the upcoming The Flash that will be opening doors to the DCU’s multiverse. Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will have his run of the popular Flashpoint comic book storyline, which brings together multiple Batmen, Flash and one Supergirl based on several trailers and promo spots.

Through his active interaction with followers and fans on social media, Gunn has confirmed that The Flash will be resetting certain stories of the DCU. This means that there are aspects that will carry over to the future DC Universe. Aspects that will include characters and story arcs remain the same after the events of The Flash.

Will Smith Reportedly Returning As Deadshot In James Gunn’s DCU

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Giant Freakin Robot reports that one of these characters who will survive the introduction of the DC multiverse is Smith’s Deadshot. Initially, James Gunn intended to include him in his own The Suicide Squad movie back in 2021, It was only due to conflicting schedules that Smith was not able to accommodate the production.

At the time, Idris Elba was in the running to replace Smith for the role. As production went on, Elba instead got a different character altogether. Elba became Bloodsport. Many already identified Bloodsport as sort of a replacement for Deadshot in the second Suicide Squad movie. Even though Elba performed well in the film, people just couldn’t shake off the idea that the character ‘could have been Deadshot’.

He checked off all the boxes on the list. He has a daughter and he also uses his excellent marksman skills to support his kid, a lot like Smith’s Deadshot. Also, both characters didn’t want their daughters to know how they made their money and supported them. Ultimately, they both became the leaders of their respective Suicide Squads. There were just so many parallel elements in both characters that couldn’t be unseen.

After the Academy Awards fiasco, Smith is steadily treading his way back into the industry. What’s next for the MIB and Fresh Prince star are four projects, all currently in pre-production. These are The CouncilFast and Loose, Planes, Trains & Automobiles and Bad Boys 4.

Will Smith Reportedly Returning As Deadshot In James Gunn’s DCU

Will Smith Reportedly Returning As Deadshot In James Gunn's DCU

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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While his outburst and highly inappropriate action at the Academy Awards left Chris Rock and the rest of the world speechless for minutes that night, the world didn’t stop talking about it for weeks, even months. So much so that the academy banned Smith from the Oscars and all related events for ten years.

Numerous discussions were online, either berating or defending his actions. A good number of viewers noted that the Oscars actually benefited from the encounter as the academy became the focal point of discussion again after so many years.

Nevertheless, Smith is steadily taking his steps again, and Hollywood seems to be giving him the chance that he needs. Should he come back as Deadshot in the new DC slate, that would mean he will be getting back into a bigger franchise umbrella with several prospect projects.

While it is not clear as to which project he will appear in or if he genuinely is playing Deadshot again, chances are that Gunn would be bringing him within the story arcs of Peacemaker or Waller.

What do you make of the possibility that Will Smith’s Deadshot may return to the DCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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