What Is Important To Know about Animated Explainer Video Production?

There are many things to consider when deciding on the kind of marketing material you want to spend your budget on. The latest trends are “Animated Explainer” videos, which are crafted by companies like Instinct Animations. These videos are a great way of not only engaging your customers but also educating them at the same time as to how your company can help them.

Animated explainer videos have been gaining in popularity over the past years. The trend was arguably kickstarted by the YouTube educational entertainment scene and such channels as “Kurzgesagt”, which managed to gain millions of subscribers and video views over relatively short periods of time by combining fun animations with scientific knowledge. Since then the trend has only taken off.

Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos


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Attract more customers

And for a very good reason. Animated explainer videos are a great tool for attracting more customers. They allow you to stand out from your competition and draw in your prospects with a great explanation that’s accompanied by entertaining visuals.

Engage and educate

This means they are not only visually engaged but are actually learning about the product in a meaningful way. And learning about it means they will feel connected to it. This not only makes them more likely to purchase your product in the first place, but it also creates a connection between your brand and your customers.

Establish a connection

To create that connection and reap the resulting brand loyalty, you need to make sure that your content hits a few important checkmarks. Often, an emotional connection is established early on which draws prospects into the topic. Other times, a seemingly incredible fact is used to pique your prospect’s interest. But always, one of the most important things is authenticity. Your message should not be too out of this world and closely align with your brand image.

Create an experience by telling a story

The key is always telling a convincing story. Creating an experience like no other is a crucial step in overcoming the competition and establishing yourself as a top competitor, no matter the industry. And this is where the experts of Instinct Animations are at their best. Their experience and proven success formula will help you get the most out of your vision for your company.

How to begin?

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The process is relatively simple; you sit together with the experts of Instinct Animations to clearly formulate the idea you want to communicate. Instinct Animations at this point almost becomes an extension of your business, they study your brand image and communication style to make sure that the material matches your business perfectly. If you’re creative you can even bring in your own ideas into the script or ask for some slight animations tweaks during the final stages. The product, at all stages of the creation process, is entirely yours.

After drawing up a full sketch storyboard, align your ideas on the exact animation style, and record multiple sets of vocals by different voice actors, the story is ready to be told. Again, the control here is in your hands. Instinct Animations work more as an extension of your company than a third party you hired. Together you will create brilliant masterpieces.

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