Wednesday Season 2 Lead Actor Quits Show Before Filming Finished


In an unexpected turn of events that has left fans and industry insiders alike in a state of bewilderment, the much-anticipated second season of Wednesday on Netflix has hit a significant snag. The series, which saw a triumphant debut last November, has been eagerly awaited for its sophomore outing. However, the production has been rocked by the sudden departure of a key cast member, Thora Birch, known for her role in the original Hocus Pocus, who has had to leave the set in Romania and return to the United States, leaving her scenes for Wednesday Season 2 unfinished.

The Unforeseen Exit


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Thora Birch’s Sudden Departure

According to reports from Deadline (via The Independent), Birch’s exit from the series was due to “a personal matter” back home, and she “will not be returning to the production.” This news has undoubtedly caused a stir within the Wednesday community, as Birch’s character played a pivotal role in the show’s dynamic.

Impact on Production

With filming having been on hold due to various delays, including the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, it is believed that Birch had completed the majority of her scenes. However, her departure raises questions about the fate of her character and the potential need for rewrites or recasting.

Behind the Scenes Challenges


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Filming Delays and Strikes

Wednesday Season 2 has faced its fair share of challenges, with the SAG-AFTRA strike causing massive delays. The cast and crew had been waiting for four months for an update on when they could resume work, a situation exacerbated by Birch’s sudden exit.

The Fate of Birch’s Character

With most of Birch’s parts reportedly filmed, there’s speculation on whether the production will keep her scenes or opt for a recast, potentially rewriting the character out of the series altogether.

The Cast’s Return


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Jenna Ortega’s Continued Role

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Birch’s character, the rest of the leading cast, including Jenna Ortega as the eponymous Wednesday, is set to return. Ortega’s portrayal of the daughter of the Addams family has been a standout, and fans can rest assured that her story will continue to unfold in the upcoming season.

The Addams Family Legacy

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán will also reprise their roles as Morticia and Gomez Addams, ensuring that the beloved family’s legacy remains intact despite the behind-the-scenes drama.

Plot Speculations


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Wednesday Season 2’s Mysteries

While the plot details for Wednesday Season 2 remain tightly under wraps, the first season’s success has set high expectations for the show’s return. The series, which follows Wednesday Addams’ expulsion from her high school and subsequent discovery of her psychic powers at Nevermore Academy, left audiences with a cliffhanger that has sparked numerous fan theories and anticipations for what’s to come.

Final Thoughts on Wednesday Season 2


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The Show Must Go On

The production of Wednesday Season 2 is a testament to the resilience of the entertainment industry, facing unforeseen challenges yet striving to deliver content that captivates audiences worldwide. As the SAG-AFTRA strike comes to an end, more updates on the series and its release window are eagerly awaited by fans.

Anticipation Remains High

Despite the setbacks, the anticipation for Wednesday Season 2 remains undiminished. The show’s unique blend of dark humour, mystery, and the supernatural has carved out a niche in the streaming landscape, and viewers are keen to see how the series will adapt and evolve in its second season.

What do you make of this news? Are you still looking forward to watching Wednesday Season 2 when it’s finally released on Netflix?

You can stream the first season of Wednesday on Netflix right now.