Why Does Warner Bros. Have To Pay Johnny Depp In Full For Fantastic Beasts 3?


We reported the breaking news Friday that Johnny Depp had resigned from the Fantastic Beasts series notably at the direction of Warner Bros. Since then it was reported this morning that whilst the search is underway for his replacement (early calls from fans suggest bringing back Colin Farrell) Depp will still be paid 8 figures.

Eight figures for only one scene shot despite resigning thanks to his “pay or play” deal reported by IGN. This only further adds murky water to the story. From the outset, Depp was asked to leave the production by the Warner Bros Studio in light of his recent failed defamation case in the UK.

Depp was suing the controversial tabloid The Sun in the high court after they called him a ‘wife-beater’. This allegation and the case that followed brought his chaotic relationship with former partner Amber Heard to the public eye.

Johnny Depp Will Appeal The UK Court’s Decision


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Whilst the Judge found in favour of the defendant, Depp continues to announce his innocence and is appealing the case. However, anger has spread around the internet with his fans, with the result that Amber Heard is continuing to take part in the Aquaman and DC Universe despite the case.

Whilst Depp lost his lawsuit, the evidence also heavily painted Heard in an abusive light with statements and photos allegedly evidence of violent attacks against Depp. Further allegations of withholding his rehab medication, throwing a haymaker punch, and defecating on his bed only continued to paint a negative light of the relationship.

However, the studio continues to keep Heard in her role in the upcoming Aquaman sequel despite these revelations coming to light which some are calling hypercritical of the studio.

Will the cost on making Johnny Depp resign from Fantastic Beasts 3 work out for Warner Bros.?

fantastic-beasts-the-crimes-of-grindelwald johnny depp

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Warner Bros has decided that the cost of losing Depp (at least $10m in salary) and finding a new cast member along with a new production schedule which can go into the millions is worth it. Against the negative publicity and scandal around his most recent case (which is subject to appeal) and a potential boycott or hit to the family-friendly franchise.

However, with the allegations and evidence that came to light about Heard’s own actions too, it seems Warner Bros. has deemed this to be nonchalant. And continuing with her in her position will not affect either publicity negatively, or the film itself.

This is despite a recent Change petition reaching 815k signatures as of Nov 10th. Seemingly on one hand you can understand the studio wanting to stand by its actors, and when a High Court finds a defendant guilty in this sense.

However, the case in the UK also brought to like the alleged actions not only of Depp but of Heard. Both actors do not come out of the case positively and their decision seems to actually support an abusive person as well as condemning another for the same actions.

What are your thoughts on the case? Should both actors keep their jobs or should both be forced to resign? Let us know in the comments below.

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