WandaVision’s Director Warns Fans The Finale Might Disappoint Them


WandaVision’s director, Matt Shakman has been talking about the upcoming finale and he’s warned that some fans might be disappointed.

Why would he say something like this, you ask? Well, it’s because we’ve all been coming up with our own incredible fan theories, and basically very few of them will end up being correct.

This means that the majority of us will be upset with the way the series will end because it won’t live up to what we’ve created for ourselves in our heads.

This is very similar to what happened after Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out and we started coming up with our fan theories on what could happen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Then the film came out and when our fan theories were proven to be wrong, many Star Wars fans were left disappointed by the movie.

WandaVision’s director thinks some fans will be disappointed by the finale

WandaVision-Episode-8-Recap-Wanda-Maximoff-Elizabeth-Olsen Finale

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Here’s what Matt Shakman told Fandom about the upcoming WandaVision finale:

I love seeing memes and TikTok videos and theories. They’re so creative and wonderful. And of course some people will be disappointed that certain theories don’t end up coming to be true – or true in the course of WandaVision. But we pass them around. Please know the cast and crew, we love sharing them. It’s nice to know that your work is being received like that.

What do you make of Matt Shakman’s WandaVision finale comments?

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