WandaVision Director Didn’t Want To Tease The Fantastic Four


WandaVision’s director, Matt Shakman, revealed that there were never any plans to tease the Fantastic Four in the series.

Shakman revealed this during a recent appearance on Kevin Smith’s show, Fatman Beyond.

WandaVision’s director didn’t want to tease the Fantastic Four

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Here’s what Shakman had to say during the interview:

Some of those Easter eggs are absolutely intentional. And then some things, like just trying to clarify what was Monica’s plan with regards to the Hex (were not). We did reshoot a little thing there, changed some dialogue, added the aerospace engineer which was never an intention on our side to set up the Fantastic Four (laughs).

He then added:

(Fan theories are) charming and wonderful. But we’re building to this rover set piece, which I have worked my butt off on for well over a year creating this rover. And all of a sudden, everybody wants to know who’s going to meet her there, and I know it’s going to be this wonderful actress who’s playing Major Goodner, and it’s not going to be Reed Richards… I want people to be invested in what is the origin story of a different character that Monica Rambeau is becoming, and instead, we’re being distracted by someone else. So yeah, the director-producer in me is like, ‘Oh, don’t run with that one!’ Because I didn’t want the focus to shift from what was important, which is the story of Monica travelling through that Hex.

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