WandaVision Episode 4 Explained: Jimmy Woo’s Whiteboard


In WandaVision Episode 4, while the SWORD team is working to discover the true identity of the Westview characters, Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) is seen writing random clues on a whiteboard — going for some classic red string theorising.


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The following messages were seen on the whiteboard: 

  • What we don’t know: Why the hexagonal shape?” This is presumably referencing back to the WandaVision theme sequence in the second episode which showed a hexagon shape closing in on the titular characters. 
  • “What we don’t know: Why sitcoms?”
  • “What we don’t know: Same time and space?” This is presumably questioning whether or not the Westview reality is happening parallel to the modern-day Marvel reality. 
  • “What we don’t know: Is Vision alive?” We’re all wondering the same thing. Remember, he died in Avengers: Infinity War after Thanos crushed his head for the mind stone. 
  • Under “Failed attempts at connection” this is what is legible: Phone lines, Digital, Drones 
  • “What is behind this: Skrulls?” This note is written in brackets indicating that it’s a theory with less supportive evidence.
  • The top left of the whiteboard is continuously blocked but the word “now” is legible presumably standing for: “What we know now.”
  • “What we know now: [t]riangulated to Westview” and underneath this note is a dash that says “five miles” and then below that the word “[u]nknown” which is likely part of a blocked sentence. 

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