Unforgettable Gambling Scenes In Movies

Gambling scenes on TV and in the movies are dramatic events full of tension, risk, excitement, glamour or shattered dreams. Not all casino scenes see the success of the good guy over the gangster, a device used often in Special Agent 007 James Bond movies. Here are just a few unforgettable gambling scenes that are worth watching the movies and shows for.

Dr No

Dr No Gambling Scenes

Credit: MGM Studios

Over the years, Bond has gambled at casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau. In Dr No, Bond enjoys classic casino games within a scene full of glamour, luxury, beauty and cocktails are shaken not stirred. The film is the first of the James Bond franchise and was pivotal in changing attitudes towards gambling which has led to casino games becoming easily available on some of the top internet casinos. Some online casinos now offer live dealers just like those found in the spectacular casinos in Dr. No.


casino movies

Credit: Universal Pictures

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Possibly Robert De Niro’s best scenes are in Casino. Here you witness intrigue, paranoia, and violence within an action-packed movie. Aside from the violence, the cinematography of this movie is superb, particularly the panoramic shots, but this is not a movie for the squeamish and will certainly make you rethink any thoughts of rigging a game.

Rain Man


Credit: United International Pictures

Rain Man features one of the most famous high-stakes blackjack scenes in a movie. Starring Hollywood legends Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, this Oscar-winning movie sees Hoffman as the autistic mastermind who scores high in a game of blackjack in Nevada, gathering a crowd who watch in disbelief at his astonishing abilities.

Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run Gambling Scenes

Credit: Prokino Filmverleih

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Lola needs 100,000 German Marks to save her boyfriend’s life. She barges her way into a glamorous, upscale casino in central Berlin, in the hope of winning big at the roulette table and bets it all on 20-black twice in the hopes of a jackpot. Her ear-piercing scream is one of the most surreal scenes ever to be set inside a casino, whilst representing Lola as a woman firmly in control of her destiny amid chaos.

Ocean’s Eleven


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

This action-packed film sees eleven criminals gather to rob USD150 million from three casinos owned by a rival. Ocean’s Eleven’s poker scene establishes the vibe of the movie, which is far kinder than most casino movies as it is where we meet three teen heartthrob poker students, young television stars Joshua Jackson, Seth Green and Barry Watson alongside the famous, much older, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. The scene is unforgettable because of what is acknowledged and what glides by in Hollywood humour in dialogue that some say was largely improvised.


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