These Are The Top 4 Online Superhero Video Games

In 1936, Lee Falk created the first superhero – The Phantom. Since then, many have been fond of superheroes. In July this year, Batman was the highest sold toy in the UK, making £200 million in sales! Imagine being an all-powerful superhero in a virtual reality or online game and possessing the ability to save or change the world. Well, stop imagining; here are some online superhero games you can play to be the hero of the day.

1. Black Panther (Jungle Pursuit)


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Based on the Black Panther superhero movie in the Marvel Universe, this game uses combat skills to overcome the hero’s enemies. With you as the Black Panther, you face different stages to earn varied strengths and abilities. You aim to exterminate malicious Hydra soldiers during gameplay. As you play this game, you gain insight into this powerful and legendary black hero. Released in April 2017, this online game requires a web browser to play. Despite the sudden demise of actor Chadwick Boseman, the franchise has not collapsed. Instead, there has been an increase in playtime to celebrate him.

2. Hero Zero

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Hero Zero is an action-packed online game for your Android, iOS, and computer browsers, and has everything you dreamed about in a superhero. You get to choose your costume, train yourself, upgrade your gear and fulfil missions. Although this online game has only six fantasy worlds, you earn virtual coins to purchase more tools for crime-fighting quests with each level. Many people across the world caught on to this game, and only in 2018, Playata hit the 30 million registered players mark, and these numbers continue to grow.

3. Champions Online

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This free online game dispenses energetic and breakneck speed encounters you will love in an action game. What distinguishes Champions Online from other superhero games is the elimination of auto-attacks and extended recharge times. All game quests are immediate, random, and electrifying. Just like playing wonga games, you get to challenge other online players to score more points and earn an opportunity for bragging rights. Created by Cryptic Studios in 2009, the game is similar to “City of Heroes.” However, what distinguishes them is, the former gives the player the option to choose specific animations belonging to the hero and has more features, such as customisation of your arch-nemesis.

4. Marvel Avengers Academy


Credit: Marvel Studios

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If you have watched and enjoyed the Avengers movies, this game allows you to experience their powers on a different level altogether. Perhaps, you can view this game as the ultimate online game as it incorporates all superheroes you adore. The game is based on the storyline of Hydra attacking S.H.I.E.L.D. As a result of this, Nick Fury is forming a new group of young superheroes. As a player, you need to recruit these superheroes, train, and send them off to complete missions against enemies. 

Playing such games give us a much-needed break from how stressful our lives are. Although we cannot be an actual Wonder Woman or Thor, these online superhero games give us the chance to be a part of a fantasy we enjoy. They also develop relief stress while improving your cognitive skills.

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