The Witcher Season 2’s Teaser Trailer Released

The Witcher Season 2’s very first teaser trailer has been released by Netflix which has got many fans extremely excited.

This trailer was released via Netflix’s new Twitter account, Netflix Geeked, and it focuses on Ciri.

One thing that wasn’t revealed in this trailer was The Witcher Season 2’s release date.

I know many people are desperate to see more of Henry Cavill as The Witcher.

Therefore, they are very interested in knowing when The Witcher’s second season is going to be released.

We were informed that the second season was going to be released towards the end of 2021.

However, that hasn’t been officially revealed yet, so we’re just going to have to wait until there’s more information out there.

The Witcher Season 2’s first tease trailer has been released

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So, what else can we expect to be announced regarding The Witcher Season 2?

Well, there are rumours that we might get to see a full trailer for Season 2 tomorrow.

That could very well happen given the fact that the show’s been in development for quite some time now.

They only recently just finished filming the show.

There were huge delays on The Witcher Season 2 due to COVID and also an injury to Cavill.

I will let you know as soon as we hear anything else about The Witcher Season 2.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching The Witcher Season 2’s?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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