The Witcher Fans Have The Perfect Replacement For Henry Cavill


It was revealed that Henry Cavill is leaving the Netflix show The Witcher after three seasons and he’s going to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth. This was pretty big and shocking news. Naturally, many fans of the show and of Cavill weren’t best pleased to hear about him exiting the series. They also didn’t seem too happy with the idea of Liam Hemsworth playing Geralt Of Rivia moving forward. Well, many of them have taken it upon themselves to find the perfect replacement for Henry Cavill, and it seems as though they’ve gone and done exactly that.

This all comes from We Got This Covered, who found that the series’ fandom are in agreement that Mads Mikkelsen is the perfect actor to take over from Henry Cavill as Geralt Of Rivia. One fan, 3D artist Wonki Cho, even took it upon himself to come us with some incredible concept art of Mikkelsen as Geralt and I have to say that he does look perfect in the role. You can check that artwork out for yourselves below.

The Witcher fans want Mads Mikkelsen to replace Henry Cavill


Credit: Wonki Cho

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This bit of artwork has been making the rounds on social media and it really does seem as though fans of the show are all in agreement that Mikkelsen would be a much better replacement than Liam Hemsworth. I do have to say that we should reserve judgement on Liam since he hasn’t had a chance to show us what he can do in the role. However, it does have to be said that Mads has a much more Geralt Of Rivia look to him in this bit of concept art and he certainly looks the part.

That said, fans have been coming out in support of the idea of Mads taking over the role. Grunchpop wrote, “No offence to Liam Hemsworth on playing Geralt but like, we have a perfectly good Mads Mikkelsen over here.”

Revnardent added, “Petition for Mads Mikkelsen to be the next Witcher.” Fans aren’t the only ones sad about Cavill’s departure. Actor Doug Cockle who portrays Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt also admitted he’s “sad to see him [Cavill] go.”

What’s next for Cavill?

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Honestly, we are very sad to see Cavill leave the role, because I do think that he was born to play the role. However, it seems as though the universe has something else in store for Cavill and I think it rhymes with ‘Dupanan’. I hope you know what I’m referring to here.

Even though DC Studios’ new CEO, James Gunn, has put some doubt in our heads regarding Cavill’s return as the Man Of Steel, I still have it on good authority that Cavill will be back playing the role and he’ll be a major part of the DCU moving forward.

For now, we can look forward to seeing Cavill play the role in the upcoming third season on Netflix. After that, Cavill’s time play the role will be over, but I’m hoping to see bigger and even better things for the actor in the future. Fingers crossed!

What do you make of this news? Do you think Mads Mikkelsen would be a better replacement as Geralt Of Rivia than Liam Hemsworth? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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