The Witcher Boss Says Ciri Is The Main Character, Not Geralt


In a surprising revelation for fans of the hit Netflix series The Witcher, the show’s creators have indicated that Ciri, not Geralt, is the main character. This shift in focus from Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, to Ciri, portrayed by Freya Allan, marks a significant development in the series’ narrative.

The Witcher, based on the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, has captivated audiences with its rich fantasy world, complex characters, and intricate plotlines. The recent developments regarding Ciri’s character have added a new layer of intrigue to the series, sparking much discussion among fans.

The Witcher and Ciri’s Journey


Credit: Netflix

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In The Witcher Season 3, Ciri undergoes a dramatic transformation. After destroying the Tor Lara tower and tumbling through a portal to the Korath Desert, she is forced to wander aimlessly while facing various visions. One such vision is that of Falka, a Redanian princess who launched a violent rebellion against her father after he cut her out of the line of succession.

Ciri’s New Path

Falka introduces Ciri to a potential new path, one that is brutal and filled with power. Ciri is drawn to this path, and she eventually relinquishes her powers. This decision marks a significant turning point in Ciri’s journey, and it sets the stage for her character’s development in future seasons of The Witcher.

Ciri as the Main Character


Credit: Netflix

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According to showrunner Lauren Hissrich, Ciri’s journey and her struggle with her powers are central to the story of The Witcher. Hissrich stated during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “The more she discovers how to control what’s inside of her, the more she asks herself a question. Maybe she is the villain of the story. For a person that young, it is a devastating question to ask because everyone wants to be the hero of their own story… Maybe her real destiny is not to become a Witcher, a savior, somebody who is good. Maybe it’s to become a villain and to actually destroy the world.”

Geralt’s Role

While Ciri may be the main character, Geralt of Rivia still plays a crucial role in the series. In Season 3, Geralt gives up his long-maintained neutrality and sets out in pursuit of Ciri. His reaction to Ciri’s newfound power and her decision to follow a different path will undoubtedly be a key aspect of the series moving forward.

The Witcher Season 4


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As fans eagerly await the fourth season of The Witcher, the developments regarding Ciri’s character have certainly added a new layer of anticipation. With Ciri now positioned as the main character, the series is set to explore new narrative paths and delve deeper into the complexities of her character.

Final Thoughts on Ciri being The Witcher’s main character


Credit: Netflix

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The revelation that Ciri is the main character of The Witcher, not Geralt, marks a significant shift in the series’ narrative. As Ciri grapples with her powers and her destiny, the series is set to explore new narrative paths and delve deeper into her character. As we await the fourth season of The Witcher, the developments regarding Ciri’s character have certainly added a new layer of anticipation and intrigue to the series.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching The Witcher Season 4 and do you think that Ciri really is the main character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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