The Walking Dead Season 10 Theory May Have Revealed Who’s The Man In The Iron Mask

The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale is going to introduce us to a new character, a man (or woman) in an iron mask and this theory might reveal who’s behind the mask.

Season 10’s finale promises to be an incredible episode full of drama, tension and new and returning characters.

One of those new characters is going to be a mysterious individual who wears an iron mask.

This person also wields some rather sharp-looking scythes and I reckon he or she could be pretty useful in a fight.

That said, we still don’t really know whether this person in the mask will be a friend or foe.

According to We Got This Covered, this new character could be someone from the comics known as Mercer.

The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale is going to introduce a new character

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This character is known in the comics for wielding dual axes and commanding the Commonwealth military.

It is true that AMC’s The Walking Dead showrunners haven’t gone along with what Robert Kirkman wrote in the comics.

However, if this character is indeed Mercer, then it would align pretty well with the show’s current trajectory as it nears the Commonwealth storyline from the comics.

The mysterious man in an iron mask in The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale episode promo is using weapons that are pretty similar to Mercer’s axes in the comics.

That said, they are scythes rather than axes, but they do like to change things in the show.

What do you make of this The Walking Dead theory?

Who do you think could be the man in the iron mask in Season 10’s finale?

Let us know in the comments below.

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