The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s New Trailer Teases Rick Grimes’ Return

A new trailer for The Walking Dead: World Beyond has landed and it teases Rick Grimes’ return to The Walking Dead universe.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is AMC’s new spinoff show of their popular zombie TV show.

This is the second The Walking Dead spinoff they made following Fear The Walking Dead.

However, this one takes place in the same post-apocalypse world as the main show and this new show’s story focuses on the tale of two sisters.

Rick Grimes is at the very beginning of this trailer and he’s all sweaty in a brown shirt and with a gun slung over his shoulder.

He’s walking through a forest and you can tell that he’s seen some shit.

However, he then hears a helicopter and looks up at the sky.

You then hear someone on a radio asking one of the sisters whether she has an A or a B.

See Rick Grimes return in The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s trailer

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Throughout the whole of The Walking Dead, we’ve come to notice helicopters flying around at some point.

There have also been moments when we see an A or a B tagged on a wall or on a box.

It seems as if The Walking Dead: World Beyond is going to reveal what the helicopters and the letters are all about.

Given that Rick Grimes was whisked off in a helicopter before becoming zombie meat, it’s safe to assume he might come into it at some point.

What do you make of The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s trailer?

Are you looking forward to watching this new show set in The Walking Dead universe?

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