The New Alien Movie To Start Filming In February

The New Alien Movie To Start Filming In February

The New Alien movie is close to beginning its shoot in February this year with Fede Álvarez as its director-writer. The Xenomorphs are back at last. It’s been a few years since Alien: Covenant.

We don’t even know if we’ll still see a sequel to the last Alien film. Financially, Covenant didn’t really reach expectations.

Even after 20th Century Fox lowered the budget in comparison to the earlier film, Prometheus. The movie Covenant still did not meet the studios’ target in the box office.

But, with Disney now owning 20th Century, it seems that they are keen in pursuing the franchise. However, it seems that the new film won’t be a continuation of Covenant.

This is unfortunate because the film was pretty much a setup for another project. Before Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, there were still plans to pursue a follow up movie regardless of the financial loss.

The third movie was on track to close the story that they began with Prometheus. Unavoidably, after the acquisition, the movie that should have followed Covenant has been in limbo.

Regardless, 20th Century Studios is moving forward on a new Alien film. Unlike its predecessors, this will have a story that will stand alone.

Fede Álvarez To Helm The New Alien Movie


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Furthermore, as Alvarez has a reputable track on horror and thriller, the new Aliens movie has fans expecting a return to its original genre. One need only look at Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe and Evil Dead to get an idea of what he can do with the Xenomorphs.

Somehow, a new Alien movie brings the recent Predator movie to mind. It also had a more recent reboot prequel called Prey.

The Predator TV movie, Prey, gained a favourable response from critics and general audiences alike. It’s highly likely that this would be the same intent for Fede Álvarez’ Alien film.

Fangoria reports that the new movie will be filming very soon. Actually, it’s just a month away. February 6th, 2023, to be exact.

There are very few details about the project except that it is on its way to Hulu. Naturally, production has yet to reveal its plot.

We have begun to wonder what kind of story they will tell for the new project. At this point, they can truly come up with an altogether different story.

They have done prequels and sequels. So, what else could they still do?

Not to mention that Aliens also had its run-on crossovers with the Predator franchise, a fresh new take on its story could really be a daunting task for any filmmaker.

Despite the project having a title, Alien: Romulus, chances are that might not be final. Moreover, the production will film in Budapest, Hungary.

So far, there is no release date for this film yet as well. We could only speculate that it may come out in 2024.

Nevertheless, we should learn more in the coming months. Of course, now, there is some growing anticipation as to the official announcement of the cast for the production.

Alien Goes Back To Horror, Filming This February


Credit: Focus Entertainment

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Fede Álvarez will surely bring his Evil Dead A-game for these facehuggers and chest bursters. Bringing the movie to streaming will also open doors to more in-depth coverage of the story.

Evil Dead has a Rotten Tomato rating of 63% on the Tomatometer and a 64% audience score. It’s even got multiple nominations and awards from Empire Awards, Saturn Awards, Fangoria, IFMCA and more.

The movie paved the way for the director to work on other projects like From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series and the above-mentioned Don’t Breathe.

We’ve reported before that Cailee Spaeny known for Pacific Rim: Uprising, could be taking the lead role. Ridley Scott, director of the original Alien film back in 1979, is back to produce the TV movie.

In fact, it was Ridley Scott, through his banner Scott Free, who got 20th Century Studios to place the new Aliens movie project as a top priority.

Other than the upcoming Alien TV Film, there is also a TV series that is also in development. This project is under Noah Hawley, whom audiences know through the TV series Fargo.

Together with the TV movie, certain sources claim that the series has the schedule to start filming this 2023.

What are you expecting to see in the new Alien movie?


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