Pedro Pascal Is Not Leaving The Mandalorian And Will Return In Future Seasons

There were a bunch of rumours suggesting that Pedro Pascal left The Mandalorian Season 2, but it seems as though those rumours were false.

This rumour was first started by Grace Randolph on her YouTube channel, Beyond The Trailer.

She’s one of these people online who like to spread these sorts of rumours without any real thought about what the ramifications might be.

I wrote a pretty long op-ed on her and what spreading this rumour could have done to Pascal’s career.

It’s very easy to claim you have a source that told you that Pascal was left The Mandalorian halfway through Season 2 because they wouldn’t let him take the helmet off.

It just sounds so stupid to me, but people ran with it, and the rumour spread like wildfire.

Anyway, another blood called LRM Online has now said that their sources told them that Pedro Pascal wasn’t leaving The Mandalorian.

Again, this could be nonsense, but honestly, I believe this to be true because Randolph’s rumour was just so incredibly dumb.

Pedro Pascal won’t be leaving The Mandalorian after all


Credit: Disney Plus

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The issue with these sorts of rumours and people like Grace Randolph is that they can claim absolutely anything and not suffer any consequences.

These sorts of videos and articles generally start off with: “I’ve been informed by an insider source…”

I know how this works. I’ve posted articles like that.

However, I check and double-check my sources. Most of my sources are people working directly on projects.

Honestly, I’ve had many people contact me via my DMs on Twitter telling me that they’re insiders and have information on a show or a movie.

I very rarely report on these because most of the time, these sources can’t offer any real evidence that they are who they say they are.

You have to be careful in this industry, and people like Randolph just aren’t, or they don’t care.

What do you make of this news?

Are you glad to hear that Pedro Pascal isn’t going to be leaving The Mandalorian after Season 2?

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