The Man In The Mask’s Identity Will Be Revealed When The Walking Dead Returns

It’s been revealed that the man in the mask’s identity will be unveiled when The Walking Dead Season 10 returns in a few days’ time.

So, The Walking Dead’s been pretty insane recently.

We saw the return of Maggie Rhee (played by Lauren Cohan), and she came back just in time to save Gabriel from being killed by The Whisperers in the finale.

However, she was accompanied by a rather strange and mysterious individual.

This character is kind of her personal bodyguard and he or she wears a mask and hoodie and likes to fight using some very sharp-looking weapons.

We still don’t know who is behind the mask, however, we’ve now been told that this character’s identity will be revealed when the show returns.

Showrunner Angela Kangh promised that the man (or woman) in the mask will be, well… unmasked… within the upcoming the six additional episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10.

These episodes will be airing on AMC early in 2021.

We will know who the man in the mask is when The Walking Dead returns

Who is the man in the mask in The Walking Dead Season 10

Credit: AMC

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Here’s what Kang said about the man in the mask being unveiled:

“We’re gonna deal with some of the aftermath of this Whisperer War, and obviously Maggie is back and she has this mysterious companion in a metal mask,” Kang said on the Walking Dead Universe Preview Special (via

“Who is that, and what does that mean, and where do they come from? We kind of start the story from there and keep going,”

Kang also revealed that these new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10 will be more anthological in nature.

They will focus on different characters and will serve as a precursor to The Walking Dead Season 11 which is set to air in 2021.

“They’re really deep dives into our characters, which I hope people enjoy,” Kang revealed.

“We’ve been enjoying working on something that is a little bit different from what we were doing in the main part of Season 10, and we just get to feature different people and tell these little stories that all kind of add up to a picture of what our survivors are going through, and that will lead us into Season 11 eventually.”

What do you make of this news?

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