The Flash’s Carlos Valdes Reveals Why He Left The Show


Fans of The Flash on The CW were very upset to hear that Carlos Valdes would be leaving the show as Cisco Ramon.

It confused many people, and fans of the show wanted to know exactly why he opted to leave The CW series.

Carlos was one of the show’s original cast members and his character, Cisco, was a vital part of Team Flash.

So, why did he decide to leave the show after seven seasons?

Well, he opened up on the whole thing during a recent interview with

Why did Carlos Valdes decide to leave The Flash?


Credit: The CW

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Here’s what Carlos Valdes told when he was asked why he decided to leave The Flash:

This is a heavy question. I felt like there was a perfect kind of synergy between Cisco’s trajectory and my trajectory as a person,” Valdes said. “Eric Wallace has sort of been weaving in these new energies into the show, and they’re amazing energies, honestly, because they don’t just revitalize the energy of the narrative, they’re also kind of revitalizing our cast dynamics in a really interesting way. But I think Cisco has always sort of had this seed in him of not really feeling too sure about the responsibility of being on this team, I think, and that’s the seed that was hinted at when he chose to sort of take the cure and leave his powers behind, which drew a lot of controversy.

What do you make of this news?

Are you sad to say goodbye to Cisco Ramon on The Flash?

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