The Flash Season 6 Will Be Back From Its Temporary Hiatus On April 7th

It’s been revealed by The CW that The Flash Season 6 will be back from its temporary hiatus on April 7th which is good news for all us fans of the show.

This little bit of information was revealed in the recent promo teaser for The Flash Season 6 Episode 16.

The episode is called So Long And Goodnight and it will be airing on The CW on April 7th.

It was previously revealed that The Flash would be taking an impromptu break due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Legend Of Tomorrow was the other The CW show affected by this pandemic.

I’m still not sure when Legends of Tomorrow will be back on the air.

However, as soon as I hear anything new, I’ll let you know.

The Flash Season 6 will be back on April 7th

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The next episode in Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 is called Zari, Not Zari.

This episode will finally feature an Arrowverse/Supernatural crossover.

This is something that fans of both shows have been waiting for for quite some time now.

We might have to wait a little while longer until we’ll get to watch the episode.

As for The Flash, Season 6 is almost coming to a close and it would be nice to get to watch the latest episodes even if we are currently in the midst of a global crisis.

We need something to be able to keep our minds off things.

What do you make of this news?

Are you happy to hear that The Flash Season 6 won’t be on hiatus for too long due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

Let us know in the comments below.

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