The CW Ditching All DC Comics Content


The CW is ditching basically all of its DC Comics TV content, which is such a shame, but we also saw this move coming for quite some time now. This news was revealed by Deadline in a recent article, and it’s a move that shouldn’t surprise you at all if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on with The CW.

According to Deadline’s report, The CW is making pretty big changes in its programming moving forward. This all comes after The CW was purchased by Nexstar Media Group. The report revealed that The CW is starting to, as they put it, “strengthen” its current programming by adding a new set of series. These series will consist of procedurals show, unscripted TV, and old-school half-hour comedies. This is very much in contrast to the types of shows that The CW used to air. The network became quite popular thanks to its superhero and teen drama shows such as The Flash, Arrow and Riverdale. It had a lot of DC Comics content, and it did very well for a short while.

The CW to stop making new DC Comics shows


Credit: The CW

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There will be some of this sort of content on the network for the next year. The final seasons of Riverdale and The Flash are set to air next year on the network. Superman & Lois is also another series that is still technically carrying on. However, once those shows are done, it seems as though The CW is looking at appealing to an older generation of viewers, which apparently they already have. It was revealed not too long ago that the network’s viewers’ average age was a lot higher than expected.

It’s been reported that Nexstar Media Group now owns 75% of The CW, which means that they are the majority stake owner of the network. This means that they basically get to choose what sorts of shows the network makes and airs moving forward. This all comes after the network announced that it was cancelling shows such as Charmed, Legacies, Roswell, New Mexico, and In the Dark. They also cancelled most of their remaining DC properties such as DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Naomi and The Flash.

Is this good or bad news for the network?


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One series I’m still not sure about is Stargirl. We still haven’t heard what’s going on with that series. The third series started airing on August 31st. I’m pretty certain this will be the show’s final season. However, they seemingly haven’t announced whether that’s the case or not.

So, all of this to say that the network is now going to be moving away from DC Comics content in favour of comedies and procedurals. These are the sorts of shows that have worked really well for networks such as NBC and ABC. They are now huge players in the game, whereas The CW seems to be lagging behind the competition. I can’t really tell you whether this movie is a good or a bad one because I just don’t know. I loved the early seasons of shows such as Arrow and The Flash. However, the DC Comics content on the network dropped in quality after a few years and seasons.

It was revealed that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator and star Rachel Bloom is going to be making a new show for the network. She’s working a new series called The Hatpin Society, which will be set in early 1900s New York City. This will be the first of many new shows that Nexstar hopes will help change the network’s overall vibe and appeal.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing what The CW does in the future, or is this the end of the network as far as you’re concerned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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