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The Creator Of The Boys Is Taking Over James Bond


In recent times, the entertainment industry has seen a surge in creators bringing their unique flair to established projects and franchises. This trend continues as SlashFilm announces a thrilling new take on the iconic James Bond character. Garth Ennis, the genius behind comic book sensations such as The Boys and Preacher, is set to introduce a more raw, shadowy, and captivating chapter to the 007 saga. This exciting collaboration between Ennis and his publisher, Dynamite Entertainment, promises to deliver a fresh perspective on the Bond legacy, with the first instalment expected to grace shelves in the early part of next year.

Garth Ennis, renowned for creating The Boys comic, is venturing into the world of James Bond, crafting a dark comic series for Dynamite Entertainment. Drawing inspiration from Ian Fleming’s original novels, which portray a significantly more sombre and intricate Bond than his film version, Ennis aims to infuse the James Bond narrative with a level of depth and intensity that might astonish and perhaps even jolt many readers.

A Return to Fleming’s Vision


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A Grittier Bond

2023 marks the 70th anniversary of the franchise’s literary inception with Casino Royale. This milestone year seems apt for such a profound metamorphosis. The reimagined Bond aligns more closely with Fleming’s initial portrayal of a multifaceted protagonist navigating a complex, ethically grey world.

A New Adventure Awaits

In terms of the storyline, Bond is set to face a mysterious and chilling Cold War superweapon in Ennis’s upcoming addition to the 007 universe titled Your Cold, Cold Heart. This weapon, named Stalvoda, is a flawless poison that eliminates its victims without a trace. The name, derived from the Russian term for “steel water”, exudes a quintessential James Bond charm. The global defence community is abuzz when this deadly concoction disappears from a lab, leading MI6 to call upon their top spy, 007.

Ennis’s Legacy


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From The Boys to Bond

Comic enthusiasts and streaming aficionados recognise Ennis primarily for The Boys, a satirical superhero narrative co-developed with Darick Robertson. This comic was later transformed into a highly acclaimed TV series. Before embarking on The Boys journey and any James Bond comic, global comic fans had already embraced his works like Preacher and his significant contributions to Punisher and Hellblazer.

A Fresh Visual Palette

Visually, the series will feature the talents of seasoned artist Rapha Lobosco, known for his work on James Bond: Black Box, and cover artist Dave Johnson, famed for Detective Comics and Deadpool. The storyline will also reintroduce 007 mainstays such as M, Q, Moneypenny, and Felix Leiter.

A New Era for Bond


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James Bond is undoubtedly in competent hands with Dynamite Entertainment. With a decade’s experience in producing captivating Bond comics, ranging from authentic renditions of Fleming’s classics to extraordinary World War II tales, the franchise is poised for greatness. Previous successes like the acclaimed Kill Chain from 2018 affirm the series’ esteemed publisher. With Ennis’s invaluable contribution, the series seems on the brink of reaching unparalleled heights, infusing new life into this timeless narrative.

While the world eagerly anticipates the successor to Daniel Craig’s tuxedo post-No Time to Die, the comic realm offers a glimmer of hope with Ennis’s forthcoming audacious vision.

Final Thoughts on Garth Ennis taking over James Bond


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The world of James Bond is set for a revolutionary transformation. With Garth Ennis at the helm, fans can expect a blend of the traditional Bond essence with a modern, edgier twist. As the boundaries of storytelling expand, this collaboration promises to be a landmark moment in the Bond legacy, ensuring that the world’s favourite spy remains as relevant and captivating as ever.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing what The Boys creator Garth Ennis can do with James Bond?

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