Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why He Can’t Stop Making Fun Of His Green Lantern Movie

Ryan Reynolds has revealed why he can’t and won’t stop making fun of his terrible Green Lantern movie which almost finished his career.

I would suggest that Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie was one of the worst comic book movies ever made.

That is a long list of movies as well.

You’ve got basically all the Fantastic Four movies in there ever made.

You have the likes of Jonah Hex and possibly X-Men: The Last Stand.

The last few X-Men films were pretty bad as well.

I think Spider-Man 3 might also get on that list, and possibly The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Yeah, so there are a lot of bad comic book movies, but Green Lantern could top them all as the worst one ever made.

Funnily enough, Reynolds might be in two of the worst comic book movies ever made.

X-Men: Origins was pretty terrible and that his first outing as Deadpool.

That said, Ryan Reynolds didn’t let that stop him and he went on to make some of the best comic book movies ever made.

Deadpool 1 and 2 were both brilliant as far as I’m concerned, and now Reynolds just loves to make fun of Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds can’t stop making fun of his Green Lantern movie

Green Lantern in Justice League?

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Also, if you wanted until the end of Deadpool 2, then you would have seen Reynolds Deadpool basically erase the timeline of the Green Lantern and X-Men: Origins movies.

Here’s what Reynolds had to say about making fun of Green Lantern during a panel for his upcoming movie, Free Guy (via ComicBok.com):

I think it’s more about just laughing at myself, not laughing at other people, necessarily, that are involved in a project. But laughing at myself and my own contribution to that failure or however you want to characterize it. It was just something that I thought was worth examining, you know? And in examining it, you take that energy that is typically, maybe it’s hurtful or maybe it’s something that’s dragging you down, and you end up creating a sort of mental Judo with it. You’re using its energy against it and creating something positive out of it.

He also opened up about the Green Lantern joke in Deadpool:

I wrote it into the Deadpool script, I think where my character says something like, ‘Please don’t make this suit green or animated’, when he’s being shoved into the superhero factory or whatever. And I noticed that it felt good to shine a light on that for a second. So I don’t know, it’s just something I’ve always done, but the most significant thing that’s ever happened in my career is laughing at myself always. Like, since the start of the work. And there’s plenty there to laugh at. Everybody has their own, you lay in bed at night and you think, ‘Oh God, this thing I did was so awful or silly or ridiculous’. I think that’s got this fuel for lots of stuff.

What do you make of this news?

Do you, like Ryan Reynolds, also make fun of the Green Lantern movie?

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