Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit In The Batman Revealed By Matt Reeves

We’ve not had our first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman in The Batman.

The film’s director, Matt Reeves, posted a video on Twitter in which he revealed Pattinson in the Batsuit.

We’ve been talking for quite some time about the upcoming movie’s Batsuit.

Would it be more like Ben Affleck’s suit, or would they go down a more realistic route?

Would Matt Reeves follow Christopher Nolan or Zack Snyder?

Or, will he do something totally different?

Judging by the very dark and very red video we’ve got, he’s kind of done a mixture of all three.

It’s quite difficult to see much in the video because it really is very dark and very red.

However, we can see that his suit is a mixture of military-grade amour and leather.

Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit in The Batman revealed

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Pattinson’s version of the Batsuit seems to be very tough, but it also feels very close to the iconic Batman suit.

Then there’s Robert Pattinson’s chin in the Batman cowl, which looks marvellous.

After seeing this video, I have no doubt that Pattinson is the best person to play the role.

His chin alone is proof of that. This new-look Batsuit also proves that they’re going down an interesting route for the DC Comics hero.

This first look video also gives us a little snippet of composer Michael Giacchino’s score for Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Batman.

It, much like Pattinson’s Batsuit, is a mixture of old and new.

You can definitely tell it’s a Batman movie score, but it’s been updated and changed ever so slightly.

What do you make of this new Batsuite and do you think Robert Pattinson will be a good Dark Knight in The Batman?

Let us know in the comments below.

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