Taron Egerton Should Play Lex Luthor Says Matthew Vaughn


In a recent revelation that has taken the film industry by storm, director Matthew Vaughn has voiced his opinion on who should play the iconic DC villain, Lex Luthor. While many names have been thrown into the ring over the years, Vaughn’s choice is both surprising and intriguing.

The director believes that Taron Egerton, known for his heroic roles, would be the perfect fit for the cunning and intelligent antagonist of the DC Universe.

The Unexpected Suggestion


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Matthew Vaughn’s Vision for Lex Luthor

On the latest episode of Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Matthew Vaughn, known for his directorial prowess in films like Kingsman, shared his thoughts on the casting of Lex Luthor for upcoming DC projects. While Taron Egerton’s name has been frequently suggested by fans for the role of Wolverine in the new X-Men movies, Vaughn believes that Egerton’s true potential lies elsewhere. He stated:

I think he’d be better as Lex Luthor. He’d be an amazing Luthor. He shouldn’t be Wolverine. I don’t think he’s right for it.

The Wolverine Debate

Vaughn went on to discuss the iconic portrayal of Wolverine by Hugh Jackman, emphasizing the challenge any actor would face in trying to fill those shoes. “Hugh [Jackman] is brilliant as Wolverine, but I’d go back to what the comics are… [He’s] a small, grizzly tough guy. Hugh has made it so iconic that whoever’s trying to do Hugh would be buggered. Taron would make an amazing, intelligent villain with depth,” Vaughn added.

Egerton’s Potential as Luthor


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A New Take on an Old Villain

Taron Egerton, primarily known for his roles as the protagonist in movies like Kingsman, would indeed be a fresh face for the role of Lex Luthor. His ability to portray depth, intelligence, and a range of emotions could bring a unique twist to the character, making him more relatable and multi-dimensional.

The Physical Transformation

For Egerton to truly embody the character of Lex Luthor, a physical transformation would be necessary. This might mean adopting a bald look, a signature trait of the character. Interestingly, in a previous interview regarding his role in the film Tetris, Egerton mentioned his disdain for wearing a fake mustache, stating, “I will never, ever do it again.” It remains to be seen how he would feel about going bald for a role.

Vaughn’s History with DC


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Matthew Vaughn’s association with the DC Universe isn’t new. He revealed that he had previously pitched a trilogy of Superman films to DC, alongside his frequent collaborator Mark Millar. Their unique take on the Superman story, however, was not taken up, with Warner Bros. opting for Zack Snyder’s vision instead.

Final Thoughts on Taron Egerton playing Lex Luthor


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The idea of Taron Egerton playing Lex Luthor is undoubtedly an exciting prospect for DC fans. While it remains to be seen if this casting will come to fruition, one thing is clear: Matthew Vaughn’s vision for the character is both innovative and intriguing. As the DC Universe continues to expand and evolve, it will be interesting to see which direction they choose to take with their iconic characters.

What do you make of this news? Do you think that Taron Egerton would be a good fit for Lex Luthor in the DC Universe? Are there any other actors you think that Marvel Studios should take a look at?

Matthew Vaughn’s next movie, Agrylle, will be released in cinemas on February 2nd, 2024.