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Sydney Sweeney Reportedly Up For The Role Of Black Cat In The MCU


Rising star Sydney Sweeney is reportedly in the running to bring the iconic Marvel character, Black Cat, to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

As the universe continues to expand, the addition of Black Cat to the roster adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing narrative, potentially introducing a complex antiheroine to the mix.

Known for her roles in Euphoria and The White Lotus, Sweeney’s foray into the superhero genre could mark a significant turn in her rapidly ascending career.

The character of Black Cat, also known as Felicia Hardy, is a beloved figure in the Spider-Man lore, often serving as both a love interest and an adversary to the web-slinging hero.

Her skills as a skilled thief and her tumultuous relationship with Spider-Man have made her a fan-favourite, providing a rich tapestry of narrative possibilities for her integration into the MCU.

The Casting Buzz


Credit: Sony Pictures

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So, the first question is, where does this report come from?

That’s a pretty good question. The rumour suggesting that Sydney Sweeney has been cast as Black Cat originally came from a supposed insider on X called Austin Verse.

He said the following:

Sydney Sweeney has been cast as Black Cat / Felicia Hardy in Spider-Man 4 starring Tom Holland.

She will be the main love interest for the movie but Zendaya will slowly remember who Peter is.

The love triangle will happen with MJ and Felicia.

Black Cat and her father will have a past with Kingpin. Felicia wants revenge.

Normally, I wouldn’t take much notice of a random guy on Twitter claiming to be a scooper.

However, this report was seemingly backed up by an insider with a very good track record—namely, MyTimeToShineH.

She posted the following statement, which is a bit cryptic.

However, the scooper suggested in a recent tweet that Sweeney has indeed been cast in the MCU.

MyTimeToShineH wrote the following:

Just confirmed, Sydney Sweeney IS IN

What Sydney Sweeney Brings to Black Cat

Sydney Sweeney’s potential casting as Black Cat has stirred excitement and speculation among Marvel fans and cinema-goers alike.

Known for her ability to convey complex emotions and her dynamic presence on screen, Sweeney seems well-suited to embody the multi-faceted character of Felicia Hardy.

Her performances have consistently garnered acclaim, suggesting that she could bring depth and nuance to the role of a superhero whose loyalties often blur the line between right and wrong.

The MCU’s Evolving Landscape

As the MCU continues to explore darker and more complex narratives, characters like Black Cat offer a chance to delve into the morally grey areas that define much of human experience.

Sweeney’s acting prowess provides an exciting opportunity to explore these themes deeply, potentially making Black Cat a standout character in the MCU’s Phase 5.

Potential Impact on the MCU


Credit: Marvel Comics

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Storytelling Opportunities

The introduction of Black Cat into the MCU opens up a multitude of storytelling opportunities, particularly in relation to Spider-Man, portrayed by Tom Holland.

Her character could introduce new romantic and narrative arcs that challenge Spider-Man’s character and provide fresh content for upcoming films.

Moreover, Black Cat’s expertise as a thief and her tumultuous backstory offer ample material for a standalone series on Disney+, further expanding the MCU’s universe.

Fan Expectations and Reactions

The news of Sydney Sweeney potentially playing Black Cat has been met with enthusiasm and high expectations.

Fans of the actress and the character are eager to see how her interpretation will differ from previous portrayals in video games, animations, and comics.

Additionally, the MCU’s track record of successful character adaptations has set a precedent that fans hope will be upheld with Black Cat’s character.

Final Thoughts on Sydney Sweeney potentially playing Black Cat in the MCU


Credit: HBO

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The prospect of Sydney Sweeney joining the MCU as Black Cat represents an exciting development in the ever-evolving narrative landscape of the Marvel universe.

Her proven talent and the complex nature of Black Cat’s character could make for a compelling addition to the superhero roster.

As the MCU branches out with new characters and storylines, the inclusion of Black Cat could offer fresh narratives and deepen the universe’s thematic richness.

As anticipation builds, fans and critics alike will be keenly watching for official confirmation and further details about the role.

Should the casting become official, it could mark a significant milestone in Sydney Sweeney’s career and a new chapter for the MCU.

For more insights and updates on this developing story, Marvel enthusiasts and cinema buffs should stay tuned to the ongoing coverage and discussions here on Small Screen.

What do you make of this news?

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You can watch Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate, which is still playing in selected cinemas across the globe.