Has Stranger Things Season 4’s Release Date On Netflix Been Revealed?

There has been a lot written about when Stranger Things Season 4 will be released on Netflix. I’ve seen people coming up with all sorts of possible release dates for Stranger Things Season 4 online. However, it looks like we might finally have a definitive answer for all those fans of the show out there who are just desperate to see the next season.

So, Stranger Things Season 3 was one of Netflix’s biggest ever hits as far as their original content is concerned. Within its first 28 days of, the third season of the already huge show was viewed by over 64 million households. That put it in the top three of Netflix’s all-time biggest hits. It’s now behind the likes of The Witcher Season 1, Lupin Part 1 and Bridgerton Season 1.

However, at the time it was the most successful original show on the streaming platform, and I’m pretty sure that Stranger Things Season 4 will end up overtaking it. Right, but now it’s time to look at when Stranger Things Season 4’s release date on Netflix will be, and I think I might have some pretty solid information for you guys on that front.

When will Stranger Things Season 4’s release date on Netflix be?

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So, we think that Stranger Things Season 4’s official release date on Netflix has been revealed. We think it will be coming in August 2021. This comes after a Twitter account called Netflix Updates seemingly spilled the proverbial beans.

Stranger Things is one of my favourite Netflix shows, and it seems to be many other people’s. Stranger Things Season 4 is very much eagerly awaited by fans the world over and Season 3 performed better than any of the other seasons of the show.

In fact, Season 3 is one of the most-streamed shows on Netflix, and it looks like Stranger Things Season 4 might end up doing even better than Season 3. Anyway, it seems as though the release date for Stranger Things Season 4 has been revealed. Check out when it’ll land on Netflix in the tween below.

Seems like Season 4 will hit Netflix in August 2021

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Here’s what Netflix Updates had to say about Stranger Things Season 4’s release date on Netflix:

Stranger Things Season 4 should be coming this summer, which is really nice to know. We’re going to have something to really look forward to this summer, and there are a whole load of things to be looking forward to on Netflix. 2021 is gearing up to be a really big year for the streaming service, possibly even bigger than 2020, and that was a pretty good year for them.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Stranger Things Season 4 when it’s released on Netflix in 2021? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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