Stranger Things Season 5 Might Be Released Sooner Than Expected


A video of Stranger Things 5 actor Noah Schnapp is circulating on Twitter, where he says shooting will start in May. Now, working out the timeline, it’s starting to appear that the fifth and final season may just arrive on Netflix in 2024. A year sooner than the initially expected release.

But first, we had to really make sure that Schnapp is actually pertaining to the final season of the phenomenal original series.

Fan account Stranger Things Brasil tweeted a 10-second clip of the actor answering what appears to be a ‘live chat’ with followers. Looking at the screen he read questions saying:

(reading off a fan question) is school going to interfere with shooting?’

He then promptly and emphatically answered:

No. It’s not. I’m done with school in May and starting to shoot… in May.

I can’t help but notice that the actor was rubbing his nose and appeared to be slightly off the weather. But his demeanour is relaxed and comfortable as if he is talking to someone, he is really close to. I can only assume that the clip is edited from a longer video file.

Stranger Things 5 May Arrive in 2024, Not 2025

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Part of me is asking if he meant to be shooting Stranger Things 5 by May in the first place. Even though he didn’t specify the project, people naturally assume he will portray Will Byers again soon, given this tweet. His IMDb only states his R-rated mystery thriller, The Tutor. However, that is already in post-production and on schedule to arrive this year.

Our sources, however, do confirm that Stranger Things 5 is what is next for Schnapp. For now.

There is this nagging feeling in me saying not to immediately believe this because of two things. One, Schnapp didn’t say the shoot is for the series. And two, the previously announced release for Stranger Things 5 is 2025.

But then again, I am also hopeful that it is what it seems to be. As a fan of the series, I do want to see how things will unfold for Hawkins and our heroes sooner. At the same time, I also dread that once it’s out, that’s it. That’s the end of the series.

Stranger Things launched the young cast to stardom. Thanks to the show, we got to know Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair, Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven together with Schnapp.

The whole ensemble and the series itself won many awards throughout the years.

But If Not Stranger Things 5, Then What Could He Be Shooting In May?


Credit: Netflix

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Creators Matt and Ross Duffer with director Shawn Levy truly made a rollercoaster ride of a story bringing generations together. Many iconic 80s elements in the series appealed to all ages.

It painted what the world was like from the embedded pop culture in movies, magazines, and music aside from the fashion and hairstyles… but please give Will a new look for season 5. yes?

A large number of its audience are invested in many subplots, especially whether Will Byers is really in love with his best friend. And that is something Schnapp even set straight last year. Will that story arc finally come forward in the fifth and final season?

Will Nancy finally choose whom she will be with? How will they ever get Max’s consciousness back? Will they ever beat Erica in D&D? Could they actually get Eddie back? Although, the latter will be highly unlikely. Nevertheless, fans can still hope.

But in case this is just a misinterpretation of a fan live chat and Schnapp is actually pertaining to another project and not Stranger Things 5, what could it be? Your guess will be just as good as ours.

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