Stephen King And J.J. Abrams’ Castle Rock Gets A Chilling Second Teaser

Castle Rock, a TV series coming to Hulu devised by Stephen King and J.J. Abrams, has a just got a second teaser and it’s pretty darn eery. Check it out here.

A collaboration between Stephen King and J.J. Abrams!? Sounds like a match made in heaven. Abrams cut his directorial teeth in television, first helming the TV show Alias and then Lost before going on to direct Mission Impossible 3 (still one of the best Mission Impossible movies in my mind). He’s since gone on to successfully reboot both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, which is no easy feat, believe me.

Stephen King is just as successful in his field. He’s the undisputed horror fiction writer master. The Shining, Misery, IT, The Stand, Pet Sematary, Selem’s Lot, Carrie, Cujo, Christine… Need I continue? Safe to say that the two of them coming together to make a TV show is pretty exciting. That’s what Hulu’s Castle Rock is. It’s the televisual collaboration of two masters, so it’s no wonder that people are losing their minds over it.

We already had one trailer which showcased that this TV series will be set in a kind of Stephen King shared universe. They reference things like Shawshank prison and many of the actors in this show are famous for playing iconic Stephen King characters such as Bill Skarsgård who recently brilliantly and terrifyingly portrayed Pennywise the clown in 2017’s IT. Sissy Spacek is also going to be in the series and she famously played Carrie in the 1976 movie.

Not much is known about this series at the moment, just that it’s set in the fictional town of Castle Rock and mysterious things are happening.

Do you like the look of Castle Rock? Are you as much of a Stephen King fanboy as I am? Let me know in the comments below.

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