Footage From George Lucas’ Star Wars: Underworld TV Show Has Been Leaked

Star Wars: Underworld was a TV show that George Lucas was developing before Disney bought Lucasfilm. Leaked footage from the show has now appeared online.

The show was going to be a very ambitious TV show and fans were pretty upset when it was abandoned.

However, it has since been rumoured that some of the ideas explored in the show made it into the other Disney Star Wars projects.

It was revealed that one of the show’s scripts – of which there were 50 all ready to go – detailed how the rebels stole the Death Star plans.

Star Wars: Underworld sounded like it was going to be pretty darn cool and we’ve now got leaked test footage from the TV show.

This leaked test footage shows what seems to be a Jedi stealing plans to the Empire’s Star Destroyers.

The scene seems to take place in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant.

Star Wars: Underworld’s leaked test footage is rather interesting

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The whole scene, which is about six minutes long, ends with a massive explosion.

This leaked test footage from Star Wars: Underworld is a bit janky and it that’s because it’s not finished.

It’s test footage, more like a proof of concept, and I’m pretty sure the final show would have looked a lot better.

Star Wars: Underworld was going to be rumoured to be set in the period between the prequels and the original trilogy.

There were also rumours that the show was going to see Boba Fett return, which would have been pretty epic.

What do you make of this Star Wars: Underworld footage?

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