Star Wars: A New Hope’s Han Solo Greedo Scene Has Been Changed Again For Disney Plus

Disney Plus launched this week in the US, Canada and The Netherlands and people in those territories have already been watching the Star Wars movies that are on there.

That means that Star Wars: A New Hope is on Disney Plus, and there are a number of people reporting a rather strange thing about the movie on the new streaming service.

The strange thing they’ve been commenting on is the infamous Han Solo and Greedo scene in the bar towards the beginning of the movie.

Han and Greedo sit down at a booth, and then shots are fired and Greedo is lying face down on the table.

When Star Wars: A New Hope was first released, Han shot first in this scene.

Who shot first in Star Wars: A New Hope…? Han Solo or Greedo…? Who cares!

Greedo and Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope

Greedo and Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope (Credit: Lucasfilm)

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However, the scene was changed in the 1990s re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy, making it Greedo who shoots first.

Yet, the scene looks really strange because it means that Han does a really unnatural movement with his neck, and somehow manages to dodge Greedo’s shot.

Well, now the scene’s been changed once again on Disney Plus, and they now shoot at the same time, yet Han still does that crazy neck movement, which I’ve always found to be troubling.

I just wish they would have kept the original scene in which Han shoots first, because honestly, it was the way it was intended to be.

It doesn’t matter who shot first. All that matters is that Han survived, and you could also just say that it was the will of the Force for Greedo to die in that scene.

Anyway, people’s reactions to this scene being changed again were mixed. Some people didn’t mind the change, and other’s hated it.

Some people, like myself, found it to be slightly amusing that George Lucas still isn’t done altering his original trilogy.

What did you make of this the Han and Greedo scene from Star Wars: A New Hope being altered again. Let us know in the comments below.

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