Sports Betting Could Bring Next Step In Advanced Statistics

Why is sports betting so popular? What types of statistics should you look for when making your forecast? Which bets are popular and which are not?

Sports Betting Could Bring Next Step in Advanced Statistics

Sports betting is still doing well despite the coronavirus pandemic - Credit: Pexels

Sports betting is still doing well despite the coronavirus pandemic – Credit: Pexels

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If earlier sports betting was a simple form of entertainment, thanks to which you can test your luck and get a lot of money, today it has huge crowds of fans and has gradually developed into a big industry. It operates in almost all countries and covers a wide variety of sports. Scores24 offers a huge overview of statistics, thanks to which you can make a really good prediction that will help you succeed. Online statistics has a great influence on sports betting and opens up new opportunities for players.

Why are statistics so popular?

For a long time, people have been betting on sports without thinking about any statistics. Previously, it was perceived as some kind of entertainment, thanks to which you can get more positive emotions. Nevertheless, now there are more and more examples that a well-thought-out rate can do real miracles and significantly improve a person’s financial well-being. Such events spread at the speed of other urban legends and have a huge impact on society. 

The development of sports is impossible without analytics, it is used not only by fans to guess the outcome of the game but also by club owners, players and coaches to think over the strategy of the future game.

In general, the following indicators are most in-demand (regardless of what kind of sport you are interested in):

  • Number of victories during the season;
  • Who represents the team and who is the coach;
  • With what rivals the team has played recently;
  • Odds of bookmakers.

On the you can find not only dry statistics but also ready-made forecasts from leading experts. All the necessary information from the world of sports is collected here, so it will not be difficult to make a good forecast.

How do statistics affect sports betting?

In the past few years, there has been a trend in which famous leagues display their game results, not only talking about who won or how many points both teams received but also adding additional data such as running speed, longest throw, and much more. Such data is of great importance for club owners looking to get new players, but not for fans.

Previously, sports leagues did not cooperate with bookmaker companies and could not earn with their help. Today this tradition is gradually disappearing into oblivion. For example, The NHL has named MGM Resorts the first official sports betting partner of the League.

Some bookmakers decided to take advantage of this and now accept bets on really unpopular statistics. If earlier the client could only place a bet on winning the game, today you can try to guess with what score your favourite team will win, how many points an individual team player will score, and much more.

It cannot be said that the classic betting option has ceased to be interesting and in demand. The fact is that most clients do not want to place big bets on indicators that are almost impossible to predict.

The rest of the unpopular types of statistics are usually bet with little money and most gamblers are interested not so much in the outcome of the game but in the process of placing a bet.

The most popular are the following types of rates:

  • Who will win and with what score;
  • Which player will receive the most points (both in a single game and in the whole season);
  • Will the team be able to move from one league to another.

The above indicators are usually easy to predict, and they matter much more than, for example, a player’s biological indicators. Some information platforms provide information about almost all body movements that the player made during the game, starting from the number of passes, ending with a rapid heartbeat. Sometimes this leads to the fact that players care more about their indicators, rather than team play. This is already clearly visible in some sports in the European leagues.

Regardless of how sports betting will develop, it is always interesting to observe new types of statistics. It is important to note that quite a few experienced commentators or sports experts try to create their own kinds of statistics. They are not always useful for people who bet on sports, but they make it possible to better understand the processes that take place in modern professional sports.

Where can I see the latest results?

If you want to receive only verified data on your favorite sport, visit Scores24. Here you can find information about:

  • Previous and upcoming games;
  • History of various clubs and associations;
  • Popular bookmakers.

Online results are always updated here in real-time, so even if you are not watching a match, you can follow its results. This is incredibly convenient as you don’t have to wait a while after the end of the match to see the results. And you can also keep abreast of all sporting events.

Scores24 has developed its rating of bookmakers, relying not only on the odds but also on the reputation of the bookmaker, real reviews. Here you will find only reliable bookmakers who work legally and offer good conditions for cooperation. In the list, you can find both classic offices and those that offer bets on rare sports, on unusual achievements of teams or individual players. The service has tried to make a rating so that it includes really good bookmakers and everyone who wants to can choose a suitable option for themselves.

Sports betting is developing at a tremendous rate now. This is largely because they have become more accessible than ever and have developed favourable terms of cooperation. They are no longer associated with excitement but are perceived more as an opportunity to earn easy money on the victory of your favourite team. If you already follow sports competitions for your pleasure, then why not start making money on this. Naturally, statistical data alone is not enough to predict the outcome of the game, it needs a share of talent and luck.


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